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perennial herb of East Indies to Polynesia and Australia

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The ceremony was also attended by Chairman of PIA Irfan Ellahi, Chief Technical Officer PIA Amir Ali and senior officials of PIA and Civil Aviation Authority.
He said PIA engineering had around 4000 engineers adding that all out efforts would be made to fully avail the expertise and skills of these engineers.
The ceremony was also attended by Chairman PIA, Irfan Ellahi, Chief Technical Officer PIA, Amir Ali, and senior officials of PIA and Civil Aviation Authority.
The final blow to PIA came out of the blue when we introduced 'open skies'.
Speaking to the PIA sales team he emphasized upon improving the airline revenues within the available resources.
PIA National supports the critical role that independent agents play in the sale and servicing of health insurance.
The preliminary report gives the glimpse of corruption engrossed in PIA and says that former administration deliberately brought disaster to PIA in order to make it loss earning organisation in order to sell it to the cronies of incumbent regime.
I am proud that the Philippines is every day becoming a more tolerant community; however, my liberal opinions on many social issues sometimes conflict with Christianity's teachings,' Pia wrote.
PIA stewardess Naseem Feroz was chosen to model for PIA's culturally oriented uniforms.
There have been four cancellations of PIA flights from Jeddah so far, while some cancellations have also been reported in Dammam," said Mohammed Arshad, manager of PIA operations in Jeddah, on Friday.
The episode took a new turn after PALPA accused the PIA administration of putting the lives of passengers at risk by assigning a 15-hour flight schedule to pilots and crew in violation of aviation rules.
The PIA is the monthly amount the social security recipients will receive in today's dollars, adjusted for future inflation.
Additionally, PIA is implementing kiosk and Web check-in applications.
No serious action has been taken to save PIA or hold people accountable for the losses and malfeasance even after two years of hard work by the parliamentary committee's scrutiny and diligent questioning.
This was stated by the President and CEO of PIA Musharraf Rasool Cyan during his official visit to Lahore, said a statement issued here on Tuesday.