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any substance produced by plants that is similar in its properties to extracellular bacterial toxin

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In fungal phytotoxins, the type of secreted protein contributes to different symptoms including necrosis (Bailey 1995), chlorosis, languor especially in dicotyledons (Bailey et al.
Such damage may be caused by a wide variety of compounds, including trace metals, pesticides, salinity, phytotoxins or allelopathy.
A number of soil fungi produce phytotoxins that suppress seed germination, plant growth and causing soil exhaustion.
The topics include gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy for detecting chemical contaminants and residues in foods, veterinary drug residues in foods, toxicants in foods generated by non-thermal processes, phytotoxins and food safety, the chemical contamination of cereals, and the contamination of finfish with persistent organic pollutants and metals.
In this way, phytotoxins or fungicides come in active contact with the pathogen and eliminate them.
The adverse effects of waterlogging on plants are often due to decreased availability of 02 and accumulation of phytotoxins (Armstrong and Armstrong 2001).
A number of exogenous/environmental insults have been postulated to have a role in the pathogenesis of biliary atresia, including drugs used during gestation (amphetamines and alcohol), phytotoxins, mycotoxins, toxic agricultural products, and industrial toxins.
The highly toxic nature of the putative phytotoxins present in C.
Due to this achievement, it seems within the reach of man's efforts to generate miracle drugs and fight against viral diseases, which has tremendously effects in the developing countries; in production of self- fertilizing crops that release phytotoxins to fight against pests and to develop refining processes to utilize the industrial waste or sewage sludge and to give comfort of the anxieties to humans about the coming days.
Phytotoxins are proteins, such as the active ingredients of castor bean plants.
Naturally produced chemical compounds, generated by organisms or by solar radiation, include reactive oxygen species, phytotoxins, and microbial metabolites.
Establishment and Characterization of Rubus Tissue Culture Systems for in vitro Bioassays Against Phytotoxins from Rubus Fungal Pathogens.
Alternatively, plants roots are very sensitive to phytotoxins released by decomposing stubble and may become short, thick, and necrotic (Patrick 1971).
While we do not know the mechanism by which greater litter reduced seedling establishment, possible causes are lower light levels, physical blockage of growth, change in soil pH or leaching of phytotoxins, all of which are associated with litter (Facelli and Pickett, 1991).