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Most species (21) were found in the fluctuant macrophytes, with assemblage dominated by small benthic detritivorous and phytophilous species of the Chydoridae family, most of them (11 species) found exclusively in this habitat.
Phytophilous cladocerans (Crustacea, Anomopoda and Ctenopoda) from Parana River Valley, Goias, Brazil.
The members of the first group are geophilous, while those of the last three are phytophilous.
The species is phytophilous, generally remaining off the ground, inhabiting plants from near ground level to the tops of trees (Roffey 1979).
On silty sand or silt the phytophilous species Endochironomus, Polypedilum, Glyptotendipes, and Pseudochironomus are common among the macrovegetation.
This together with prevailing westerlies and increased salinities has favoured the survival, reproduction, and eastward dispersal of phytophilous crustacean species.
3), where streams have a low slope and a relatively wide channel, can be explained by comparatively good light conditions, which favour extensive occurrence of aquatic macrophytes with phytophilous invertebrate species.
In these conditions, cladoceran richness decreased, increasing again in the dry season, with higher transparency and water oxygenation, when both planktonic and phytophilous species were present.