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a biologist specializing in the study of plants

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15]N natural abundance in soil-plant systems," New Phytologist, vol.
Tambien, un experimento de exclusion de lluvia durante siete anos mostro un aumento al doble en la mortalidad de arboles (New Phytologist 187: 579-591, 2010).
Tambem, um experimento de exclusao de chuva durante sete anos mostrou um aumento do dobro na mortalidade de arvores (New Phytologist 187: 579-591, 2010).
The New Phytologist Trust and Cambridge University Press, New York, NY.
In a study reported in 2010 in New Phytologist, scientists channeled away up to half of the rain falling on small plots of land in eastern Amazonia for seven years.
The study appears in the journal the New Phytologist.
New Phytologist 177 (2): 291-295 (Equisetum, Anat).
A team of New Zealand scientists also took part in the research, published in the journal New Phytologist.
Some RNA molecules siphoned from the host plant remain stable in dodder, traveling several centimeters within the parasite, Neelima Sinha of the University of California, Davis and colleagues report in an upcoming New Phytologist.
The findings have been published on the New Phytologist journal's website.
Seven species recovered at least 70 percent of their chlorophyll function after desiccation, Watkins and his colleagues report in the November New Phytologist.
A greater proportion of the seeds germinated in the same light regimen that their mothers had lived in than did in a different environment, Galloway reports in the April New Phytologist.
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