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a chemist who specializes in the chemistry of plants

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It was not difficult at all to find a suitable successor because 1 knew so many of the phytochemists working in the field from my former research group in Munich.
2005) by Professor Lian-Na Sun, a phytochemist from the Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, Second Military Medical University (Shanghai, China), and dissolved in distilled water prior to administration.
It is thought that Chapters Four to Seven constitute a collection of important information for the phytochemist as well as the synthetic chemist.
This well researched chapter is a repertoire of valuable information for the phytochemist as well as the synthetic chemist.
On collection of plants, phytochemists (natural product chemists) prepare the extracts from the plant materials, which are subjected to biological screening using pharmacologically relevant assays, and then proceed to the isolation and characterization of the active compound(s) through bioassay-guided fractionation.
A spokesman of the ICCBS said here on Sunday that PSA was the most prestigious association of this region representing the phytochemists of Asia.
Ethnobotanists and phytochemists have identified at least 11 genera comprising over 75 species of plants and fungi containing DMT ( N,N and 5-MeO-DMT) (Ratsch, 2005).