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a chemical substance obtained from plants that is biologically active but not nutritive

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We recommend these dark colored fruits and vegetables since these are naturally rich in phytochemicals that reduce oxidative stress and protect the brain from inflammation.
Operating in a fledgling market, phytochemical manufacturers have to invest substantially in technology, consumer research and advertising.
This may be because of the vicinity of phytochemical constituents like terpenoids, saponins and tannins in the plants.
The phytochemical mixtures did not induce phytotoxic effects on tomato seed germination and seedling growth in in vitro tests.
Methanolic extracts of spices had significantly higher phytochemical content compared to the aqueous extracts.
Phytochemical components such as tannins, carbohydrates, alkaloids, terpenoids, phenolics, steroids and flavonoids are responsible for various pharmacological disorders (Abbas et al.
USPRwire, Sun Jul 26 2015] Europe Phytochemicals and Plant Extracts Market by Applications (Functional Food, Functional Beverages, Dietary Supplement, Animal Feed, Personal Care), by Countries (Germany, France, Italy, U.
Another aspect of testing many companies need help in understanding is the use of phytochemical reference standards, and Alkemist is helping with that important component too.
Cranberry phytochemical extracts induce cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human MCF-7 breast cancer cells.
It is unknown whether most phytochemicals are well absorbed in the body.
Pigmented or darker-colored cereal grains, such as red and purple, have higher amounts of some phytochemical compounds than nonpigmented varieties.
Nutritionists therefore advise eating a wide variety of plant-based foods rather than taking phytochemical supplements.
The VIV Asia in Bangkok marks the international launch of this unique natural growth promoter which combines organic acids, a phytochemical and the PerforizerTM to create a synergism in their mode of action," says Dr.
Synergistic interaction of phytochemical with commercial OHD is explained here on the basis of a parameter termed as combination index (CI) (Zhao et al.
The antioxidant property of a phytochemical permits it to come between cells and free radicals by giving up their own electrons.