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a biologist specializing in physiology

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Poetry was there: the left-hand corner of the room was lined with as complete a set of English classics as the right hand could show of English and foreign physiologists.
If what the moralists and the physiologists say were true, I'd have been dead long ago.
Blake, before you begin, that I am now referring you to one of the greatest of English physiologists.
DCO Salman Ghani attended the seminar as chief guest while District Officer Population Welfare Dr Farkhanda Almas, Physiologist Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar and Pir Siddiq-ur-Rehman delivered lectures.
Health and wellbeing physiologist Aidan Innes focussed on how pupils can implement behavioural change in their sports training regimes to both decrease risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases and achieve better health.
A RESPIRATORY physiologist from University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire has won a top award in her professional exams.
A new study that suggests sitting for too long can be deadly in the long run, even if you exercise regularly, has an exercise physiologist in Winnipeg calling for workplace changes that encourage employees to stand and walk more often.
In a 2003 editorial, Foster (5) stated that the profession of exercise physiologist was born in 1975 with the publication of the Guidelines for Graded Exercise Testing and Prescription (2) because this manual defined a "unique body of knowledge.
Roisin Donlan cuts the ribbon at the new Respiratory Unit, with from left, mother June Donlan, nurse >Wendy Nixon, Dr Maya Desai, physiologist Ciaran McArdle, senior physiologist Fiona Robinson, Physiologist Tish Uppal, Sunday Mercury executive editor Paul Cole, and Give A Child Health Fund trustee Dr Peter Weller
Alessandro Botton, a plant physiologist at the Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals and Environment in the University of Padua, and his team are working to find alternative hypo-allergenic proteins that exist naturally in other plants and swap them for the irritation-causing proteins in apples.
However, it would be difficult to find a team in the English Premiere League, the showcase of international football that does not have an exercise physiologist on staff.
It specifically addresses the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed by the ACSM for both the Exercise Specialist and the Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist exams.
a cardiovascular physiologist and award-winning administrator at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will serve as deputy director, National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD), NIH.
These animals have got it right, says physiologist Hannah V.
The DVD format allows the addition of an interview with an exercise physiologist, the demonstration of a 57 year old 'Ripped' student being tested for caloric expenditure, a metabolic chart which tests how many calories and carbs are burned in each exercise segment, and even 'bloopers' for a hearty laugh.