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In a series of recent papers, Proffitt and his colleagues have provided evidence that the visually perceived distance to a target is influenced both by the energy expenditure required to carry out an action spanning that distance and by the physiological state of the person (Bhalla & Proffitt, 1999; Proffitt, Bhalla, Gossweiler, & Midgett, 1995; Profitt, Stefanucci, Banton, & Epstein, 2003; Witt, Proffitt, & Epstein, 2004).
The last series of experiments point out the possibility of using the developed apparatus as a device for training and enhancing faculties to correct patients' physiological state by means of distant healing.
where "[[Phi].sub.i]x,[Gamma]" is read as "x has physiological state [[Psi].sub.i] in [Gamma]".(3)
When Mom leaves, and massage stops, the newborn goes into a physiological state to protect itself until she returns.
"You can change your physiological state simply by changing your mental state."
What Canguilhem points out is that Bernard's conception of a scientific medicine grounded in physiology can seem possible because there are always two ways of looking at a physiological state. (i) It can be viewed as a simple summary of quantities, without considering questions of biological value; the body can be considered simply as a complex physical and chemical mechanism.
Thus someone |feels' sad when he is in a certain phenomenological and physiological state, but is in no particular cognitive state, i.e., when there is nothing in particular that he is sad about (pp.
The Macquarie University researchers believe inability to inhibit food memories when in a satiated physiological state could then explain the persistent desire for snacks.
To more accurately model the true physiological state, therapeutic and disease progression research is shifting towards an in vivo model in whole organisms.
"We know they're able to help us avoid or be attracted to certain foods but in fruit flies, it appears that taste may also have a very profound effect on the physiological state and healthy aging," he added.
Given that the animals were probably awake throughout all these procedures, it is easy to see how morphine might have improved their physiological state.
The metabolome--the collection of all metabolites in a cell at a point in time--reveals much about that cell's physiological state at the time of sampling, and humans have trillions of cells of many different types, all with potentially different metabolomes.
It is reasonable, therefore, to interpret the level of foraging activity as indicating the onset of a physiological state, responsive to relative daylength, during which sexual maturation occurs.
In effect, quality-adjusted life-years discount years of life saved by a health care intervention by how much the patient's subjective well-being is diminished by discomfort or distress.[9] It measures true medical therapeutic successes, not merely transient improvement in the physiological state of the individual.
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