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Hence the physiological reaction occurs to a culture of support and a culture of fear.
As described above, the first emotional response to an object when it is evaluated is a bodily or physiological reaction (Randis and Guellette, 1925).
We are physical creatures, so I'm expecting a physiological reaction - like hot flushes and blushes - although I don't expect everyone's faces to light up like Christmas trees," he added.
shock: A potentially fatal physiological reaction to a variety of conditions, including illness, injury, hemorrhage and dehydration, usually characterized by marked loss of blood pressure, diminished blood circulation and inadequate blood flow to the tissues.
The case we describe shows that a moderate increase of serum hCG is a physiological reaction to hypogonadism, which is common in testicular cancer patients because of the disease and may occur in the absence of relapse.
The body's physiological reaction to time change may be complex, the researchers said, citing past research that has indicated that circadian clocks govern physiological rhythms in a great variety of tissues in the body, and that different aspects of the physiological clock can adjust to schedule changes at different rates.
Here is what is included in these treatments: 1) intensive education about the disorder and of the body's physiological reaction to stress and threat: 2) desensitization to the various physical sensations or triggers of panic through exposing a person to the actual object, situation, or thought; 3) learning relaxation, breathing, and stress management techniques; 4) restructuring dysfunctional thoughts and patterns.
It's a "highly unnatural" experience for viewers, and, as the electrodes Mutz and Reeves attached to some viewers showed, one that produces a physiological reaction much like the one created by real conflict.
The scientists discovered that the most stable and abundant PCBs found in human tissues activated PXR and induced expression of target genes for metabolizing the toxicants, producing a protective physiological reaction in rodents.
The physiological reaction associated with that answer became the baseline for a suspected lie, so all of Maschke's subsequent truthful responses were judged deceptive.
Afterwards, participants had to choose from the physiological reaction list up to five facilitating symptoms concomitant to facilitating affect, and then label them positive or negative.
Stress is the psychological and physiological reaction that takes place when one perceives an imbalance in the demand level and the capacity to meet that demand.
Officers cannot say at this stage if the ecstasy was contaminated or whether it was the girl's physiological reaction to the drug which caused her to collapse.
Instead, a physiological reaction (often a measure of electrodermal activity; EDA) related to the stimuli is a more reliable indicator (e.
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