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If the behavior differs from the resident's usual evening behavior, evaluation and treatment of altered physiological condition (usually infection or new medication) are appropriate.
normal physiological condition with or without exposure to altitude, medical condition, doping), it is important to evaluate all cause-and-effect relationships and the likelihood that each of these potential causes produced the observed passport profile.
This is the first study in the literature to examine the relationship between plasma sEPCR and FVIII levels in healthy infants as an indicator of the physiological condition.
nitrate, ammonium, silica, phosphorus) is an important stress factor, which greatly influences the physiological condition and temporal abundance of nektonic and planktonic species (Yanez-Arancibia & Day 1988, Herrera-Silveira 1996).
The Biosen physiological condition remote monitoring system is a non-intrusive device that transmits an individual's cardiac rhythm, respiration rate and temperature to a PC, PDA, mobile phone or tactical radio through an integrated wireless transmitter.
Stay Fit: Pregnancy is a normal physiological condition.
Changes in these song traits likely reflect changes in the physiological condition of a male.
Rather, it is a deficiency in the internal physiological condition of the bone and in the metabolic process that is created when cellular structures within the radiated bone are damaged.
And it estimates that up to nine million people suffer from the psychological and physiological condition.
Although the Americans with Disabilities Act specifically excludes transsexuality as a disability, Barnabee said, "Advances in medical and scientific research in the 12 years since ADA passed show transsexualism is no choice but a physiological condition.
The physiological condition and selection of forage items by Neotropical woodland migrants at inland stopover sites is poorly understood.
The Workers' Compensation Commission found that Anderson did not aggravate her preexisting physiological condition when she fell.
Rudolf Jaenisch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has stated that the genes of the body cell used for nuclear transfer are not in the appropriate physiological condition to allow for normal development into another member of the species.
The diagnosis ontogenetic trees: study aimed to assess the stage of development and the physiological condition of trees to estimate their expected support.
Oxidative stress is a cellular or physiological condition of elevated concentrations of reactive oxygen species that cause molecular damage to vital structures and functions.
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