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Seasonal comparisons in physiological condition were made using two measures: average fat score and energetic condition index (ECI=folded wing chord/mass).
Pronounced changes in microclimate and vegetation structure strongly affect food resources and foraging efficiency of small mammals (e.g., Geier and Best 1980, Churchfield 1982), ultimately influencing the physiological condition of individuals and especially the condition of pregnant females (e.g., McShea and Maddison 1989, Zakharov et al.
Although both types of biomarkers aim to distinguish a biological fingerprint induced by a specific cause from the usual biological profile expected for a natural physiological condition, biomarkers of doping are collated and evaluated according to standards specific to forensic sciences.
Oxidative stress is a cellular or physiological condition of elevated concentrations of reactive oxygen species that cause molecular damage to vital structures and functions.
The seasonal change of nutrient concentrations (e.g., nitrate, ammonium, silica, phosphorus) is an important stress factor, which greatly influences the physiological condition and temporal abundance of nektonic and planktonic species (Yanez-Arancibia & Day 1988, Herrera-Silveira 1996).
"Our Participants will now be able to monitor their physiological condition in these key areas in real time while running and competing in our events.
The patient had normal cardiac function; therefore, the high plasma potassium likely did not reflect her true physiological condition. The measured whole blood potassium concentration was low, but normal cardiac function can be observed with a potassium concentration of 3.00 mmol/L.
The aim of the present work was to study the relative growth, estimate the physiological condition, and evaluate the burrowing efficiency of C.
The physiological condition improved over time in males and females in the specimens caught in the shallow area as well as in the migration corridor.
These findings radically change our understanding of the regenerative potential of the mammary gland during physiological condition" said Alexandra Van Keymeulen, Ph.D., co-first author of this study.
The bears spend five to seven months without eating, drinking, urinating or defecating before they emerge from their dens in nearly the same physiological condition they were in when they entered them.
"Separately, other studies within the past few years have shown that obesity is a physiological condition of chronic low-grade inflammation, and that this can lead to vascular damage.
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