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of or consistent with an organism's normal functioning

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Singers must know and understand the anatomic and physiologic functions connected with the speaking and singing process in order to feel in control of the process, says Bickel.
The company's offering that includes drugs that communicate when they've been taken, wearable sensors that capture physiologic response, applications that support patient activation and physician decision making, and data analytics to serve the needs of health systems.
Based on the premise that pregnancy and birth are normal physiologic processes, Avery (child and family health, University of Minnesota School of Nursing) and her contributors marry current science and theory with practical clinical expertise in order to produce an "artful" experience for the mother.
Key words: Desert, physiologic parameters, Nitraria schoberi, Sodium, Soil.
In the current study, a rat pituitary cancer cell line was used to study the effect of alkylphenols and BPA on ERK1 and ERK2 activation (measured as phosphorylation), both alone and in combination with each physiologic estrogen.
But, when it comes to physiologic events such as hypoxia, we sometimes drop the ball, particularly when the events don't result in a mishap or a fatality.
1) Healthcare providers and researchers interested in exploring the relationship of healing and the hospital environment are confronted with the predominant focus of acute care: the efficiency of treatment to stabilize and/or cure physiologic disorders.
Now we aim to repair the skin barrier with integration of physiologic moisturizers," she said.
Physiologic moisturizers can replace lost lipids, reduce transepidermal water loss, and calm inflammation associated with atopic dermatitis, according to Dr.
Type 1 is a physiologic variant characterized by atrophy.
Hematologic and physiologic data were collected to establish reference ranges for adults and chicks from 4 geographic areas: New England, Canadian Maritimes, southcentral Quebec, and the Upper Great Lakes.
As the editors imply in their introduction, the relationship of infection and autoimmunity is complex, compelling, and best viewed as a physiologic process and potential consequence of normal immune recognition and immunoregulation.
Discrimination is associated with higher levels of certain physiologic stress markers in adolescents, Elizabeth A.
Discrimination is associated with higher baseline levels of certain physiologic stress markers in adolescents.