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the study of physical features of the earth's surface

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The study site consists of two adjacent and physiographically similar watersheds, unofficially named "West" and "East" (Fig.
Kyrgyzstan has extensive alpine and subalpine habitats (94% of Kyrgyzstan is >1,000 m above sea level) (5); the Tien Shan mountain range dominates and physiographically links Kyrgyzstan to the Himalayas and western People's Republic of China.
Physiographically there are main four units: Siwalik Hills, valleys, piedmont plain and alluvial/ flood plain.
Physiographically, Kerala is subdivided into highland (elev.
Physiographically, Delaware County lies within the Till Plains of the Central Lowlands, immediately west of the Allegheny Plateau.
Bionomics of malaria vectors in two physiographically different areas of the epidemic-prone Thar Desert, north-western Rajasthan (India).
Her analysis centered on comparing the two samplings separated by 160 years, by dividing the county physiographically into floodplain, terrace, upland slope, and upland flat units.
Physiographically, FTC includes portions of two subsections of the Highland Rim Section of the Interior Low Plateaus Province (Quarterman and Powell, 1978).
The abundance of lake bodies and their extensive distribution across the physiographically diverse and largely remote landmass of British Columbia have hindered previous attempts to carry out such an analysis (Northcote and Larkin 1956; Northcote 1964; Trainor and Church 1996).
The Monteverde region of the central Cordillera de Tilaran in northwestern Costa Rica is, like most tropical montane areas, physiographically and climatically diverse (Clark et al.
These areas also ones are in physiographically rugged areas of deserts and mountains (Mueller, 1984).
A basic understanding of the geology and the post-glacial history of the Hudson Bay Lowlands is an essential element in understanding the nature and dynamics of the region physiographically.
Physiographically, both sites are essentially flat lowland and occupy intermediate locations between adjacent tussock tundra-dominated hills and lowland watercourses.