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the academic department responsible for teaching and research in physics

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He urged the Physics department to play its role for removing energy crisis faced by the country.
He was addressing a function of the students first-ever Alumni Association consisting of students of Physics Department which was formally formed to work collectively for the cause of education.
Currently the AIOU's physics department is offering face-to-face study programs for M Ss and M.
A woman accused of stabbing her husband, the head of the University of Oregon's physics department, was taken to the Lane County Jail Thursday morning after the victim allegedly told hospital staff how his injuries occurred.
The School joins eight other physics departments named Juno Champions in the UK and Ireland.
They smashed windowpanes, damaged laboratory equipment and beat up one of our colleagues, and students who were conducting some experiment there," said Professor Somak Raychaudhury, who left a career in the United Kingdom to head the physics department at Presidency.
Zingu began his Physics career at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), he had a period of employment at Turfloop, QwaQwa Campus, then as Head of the Physics Department and later Dean of Basic Sciences (1990-1993) at the Medical University of South Africa (MEDUNSA).
Huddersfield University has a well-established physics department and the amount of students taking up the subject has recently increased.
It was organised by the American University of Sharjah's Physics Department.
It is worth mentioning that SQU set up a sub-discipline in the field of nuclear energy applications on 2010 at Physics Department in the College of Science as a joint committee was formed that include the College of Engineering, College of Science and College of Medicine to activate the activities related to the nuclear applications in collaboration with the Nuclear Technology Office at the Foreign Ministry.
Mr Evans was educated up to doctorate level in Swansea where he grew up and after a period teaching he was appointed lecturer in the applied physics department of the University of Wales.
The physics department at the University of Warwick Department of Physics has been awarded a pounds 1.
BAHRAIN University's Physics Department will soon welcome a team of representatives from the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) as it seeks to have its programme academically accredited.
He developed the NHS Regional Medical Physics Department into a nationally recognised centre for the excellence of its clinical services and innovation in its research and development.
Sodic, fast-growing real estate company in Egypt, has donated a computer lab to Cairo University's Faculty of Science's Physics Department.
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