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the academic department responsible for teaching and research in physics

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They smashed windowpanes, damaged laboratory equipment and beat up one of our colleagues, and students who were conducting some experiment there," said Professor Somak Raychaudhury, who left a career in the United Kingdom to head the physics department at Presidency.
AIP representatives will visit the Physics Department and observe its procedures and laboratories before delegation visits, said Physics Department head Dr Mohammed Al Othman.
In 1978 he returned to the North East when he was appointed Professor of Medical Physics at Newcastle University and head of the Regional Medical Physics Department in the Northern Region of the NHS.
The Faculty of Science was chosen for the Sodic Computer Lab because there was a strong need for professors and students within the Physics Department to have access to online research as well as partake in the online training courses commissioned by YAL and Nahdet El Mahrousa.
Kromek was spun-out of the physics department at Durham University and is a pioneer in developing X-ray imaging for the medical, security, industrial inspection and defence markets.
The WPI Physics Department held its third annual Goddard Cup, a water-rocket launching competition that pays homage to WPI graduate Robert H.
The senior lecturer with QUT's Physics Department discovered the error after viewing an enormous siphon in South Australia, which was transferring the equivalent of 4000 Olympic swimming pools from the Murray River system into depleted Lake Bonney.
They're unlikely looking pop stars - half resemble friends' dads (except Al Doyle, dressed as a priest), the others like they should be down the physics department finishing their thesis.
THE government trumpets its commitment to science - so what does it do when a university physics department is threatened with closure?
However, for its 125th anniversary, Liverpool University's Department of Physics can boast that with 90 undergraduate students enrolling this year it has exceeded its target and has the largest research income per academic staff of any British physics department.
Mini-D2--A source for ultracold neutrons at FRM-II, Physics Department E18, Technical University Munich, Garching, Germany (1999) 29 pp.
According to HERA, the patent portfolio was developed and co-invented by professor John Strom-Olsen, the head of McGill's Physics Department at the time, and HERA scientists Alicja Zaluska and Leszek Zaluski during their tenure at the university.
She did a physics PhD at Liverpool University and is working on a communication project at the university's physics department looking into why people find physics boring.
In the early 1980s, shortly after the great Cal Tech physicist Richard Feynman was diagnosed with the cancer that would eventually kill him, Mlodinow came to the Cal Tech physics department on a prestigious junior faculty fellowship.
The physics department has adopted a combined lecture-lab format in the majority of its offerings; courses have been revamped to be more collaborative and interactive.
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