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Buddhists say the silence behind creation has a density to it, a physicalness. It is teeming with possibility and potential.
The All Blacks played with immense physicalness in monsoon conditions in beating Ireland last week and Borthwick expects them to be far more dangerous tomorrow.
As he sleeps, Morbius unwittingly dreams dark parts of himself into a physical, predatory form that preys on the planet's inhabitants until he is forced, by film's end, to acknowledge that the world he longs for is ultimately impossible--nothing can be truly disembodied, separated from its innate physicalness. Bebe Barron's comment suggests that, as with Morbius's dreaming, there is a tension between the sonic dream as a vision of progress, as the mid-century promise of a Krellish and liberatory technological tomorrow, and the dream as latent human memory, that which is most us, most instinctual, most basically human.
The visitors' scrum was by far the better and their physicalness at the breakdown meant it was impossible for Mose to obtain any quick ball.
His sense of independence quickly dissolves, encumbered by moral doubt and social restraint: "Francis thought of the strenuousness of containing his physicalness within the patterns he had chosen" (Shady Hill, 66).
So he knows what to expect tomorrow: passion mixed with verve, physicalness laced with good passing movement - a difficult combination to play against, especially at a venue that has proved something of a fortress for Brian Kerr's side.
He writes music that has a quality of sheer physicalness, music "without a mind," as it were.
Posing the physicalness of human sounding as a basic quality of the subject is an undeniable step forward in the direction of what Cavarero calls "a vocal ontology of uniqueness" leading to the proposal of "a politics of voices."
I liked the physicalness of stocking shelves, helping people, the one-on one interaction."
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