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Synonyms for physicality

a preoccupation with the body and satisfaction of its desires

Synonyms for physicality

preoccupation with satisfaction of physical drives and appetites


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You can't take away the physicality, but you should always have the right mindset to play your game.
These days, people automatically equate physicality with hurt and pain, but I used to get tackled every game and it isn't the case.
We have to make sure we are totally under control, but bring the physicality.
We are questioned a lot about our physicality and we had a good opportunity to show that we could do it - and we did it in a very convincing way.
It was much better in the second half, we were much more competitive, but we were outmuscled in the first half, we struggled with their physicality and intensity," said the New Zealander.
He is able to receive the ball and play the ball from the back, and has physicality and pace.
Mowbray said: "Millwall are probably the one team out of the 15 or 16 that we have played since I came here who had more physicality than us on the day.
We need to respect the level of physicality Samoa bring and after last week's performance we've got to bring that physicality to our game.
Summary: Sebastien Squillaci has vowed to embrace the physicality of the Barclays Premier League after sealing his dream move to Arsenal.
As in lovemaking, it is through the experience of pure physicality that we often feel a direct connection to the divine.
It is a massive blow that the 'Raging Bull' won't be leading the fight up front, as he brings such immense physicality and belief to those around him when the going gets tough.
And with South Africa having dealt brutally with Ashton's men on their summer tour, Robinson says his international pedigree and sheer physicality will be invaluable at the World Cup.
She had incredible physicality that allowed her to perform at a young age roles such as the Old Mother, a sensual Putifar in The Legend of Joseph, and a charming musical down in Alotria.
Such constraints do, however, continue to generate responses that, despite their often bizarre physicality, suggest alternative ways of engaging with and experiencing the city.