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cost of reproducing physical property minus various allowances (especially depreciation)

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There's no consensus, for example, on how to place a single financial or even physical value on biodiversity - the number and population of animal and plant species.
It is evident from the theoretical discussion that two criteria for an evaluation of the environment are necessary: psychological, expressed by a physical value, and physiological, also expressed by a physical value.
By reminding people that money has a physical value, we hoped that they might think twice about how they make their next purchase and whether they can really afford it.
The principle of physical value in the theory of six forces on factors in production shows that there exist two forms simultaneously for any production factor.
Also, any new occupancy of the building won't change its physical value, so it's not much of a loss from a tax revenue point of view.
Using a distributor for physical value added services can significantly reduce your overall cost of manufacturing your product, while improving its quality and reliability.
This includes not only physical value mapping but semantic mapping, as well.
It's therefore crucial that the MoD understands the value of equipment -- not just the physical value (how many people can you kill with this gun), but also the underlying value of the things it uses.
One of the most remarkable characteristics about Asia's top hotels relative to other regions in the world is the enormous value here in Asia: in other words the physical value (of the hotel) and the standards of service relative to the cost for a room.
Productivity comparisons are based on physical value added (physical output minus material inputs).
Under the latter provision, the carrier, in effect, agrees in advance that the amount of insurance taken represents a fair and acceptable approximation of the physical value of the property (80 percent will usually suffice).
Gajen Kandiah, President of Cognizant Digital Works, says that as physical value chains give way to more agile value chains with infused data and digital capabilities, organisations should take the opportunity to build new business and operational models, improve productivity, and drive superior customer experiences Our network of Collaboratory spaces helps us do that, he says.
Grand Slam winner Jones knows the physical value of these camps, having been out to Poland three times in the past.
Singapore's Olam Group has been known for its distinctive position integrating the entire physical value chain from farms in the producing countries to the factory gate in destination markets.
The influence factors and their variation intervals Physical Value Coding Abr [Mohs Parameter value t [min] hardness] Central point 0 12 9.
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