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The 'old' news is that the emphasis in many breeds is on physical structure as a way to produce fashionable, in-style, and judge-pleasing appearances," she says.
The home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure, major components, and mechanical systems of a home.
Nothing much has changed in terms of its physical structure, but I cannot possibly imagine the number of lives that have been changed by this institution.
She shows how such shipyard factors as periodic unemployment, the physical structure of the yards themselves, and a variety of systems of compensation (including piece rates and bonuses) undercut workplace solidarities.
It's fine if you want to talk about the idealistic benefits of some type of symbiotic merging of silicon and carbon intelligence or physical structure, but does anybody know what the environmental impact of developing the sort of computer power necessary for this would be?
The capability to take measurements through certain printing inks may yield new information about printing defects, especially if it is possible to relate printing defects to distribution of coating chemicals or physical structure of paper coating.
The CCA concluded that the majority of cases interpreting the ADA limit the term "place of public accommodation" to an actual physical structure.
The result is a body of work which aims to document the physical structure of the place and, at the same time, give the viewer some experience of the psychological impact of being inside the Maze.
The biofilm assumes a physical structure and develops channels for diffusion of water and nutrients.
Michael Davey, leader of the Northumberland County Council; Lindsey Davies, director of education, and Mike Trimming, senior education officer in charge of the physical structure of the buildings.
The ultimate goal is to develop an integrated metrology that will provide the user with the capability of correlating biological activity, chemical functionality, mechanical properties, and physical structure over a wide range of dimensions in complex systems, such as these scaffolds, for engineered tissue.
Does the physical structure of a building play a role in how the activities flow with campers?
Here he says what he can about the physical structure of the mint and the tasks involved in minting, and presents something of a prosopography of the staff, from the mintmasters of the lower nobility to pi ece-work craftsmen.
Due to the aggressive scrubbing action of the mechanical and pneumatic scrubbers, these units are more sensitive to the physical structure of the sand.
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