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Although the formulations were identical, except for the chemistry and process, the physical property data from the peroxide cured samples were higher than the electron beam cured samples, as observed in figure 10.
Growing at well over 7% annually, calorimetry will experience the strongest growth among the physical property instrumentation segments.
This end item information will update the physical property record.
Their flagship products are VMGSim, the new standard in steady state process simulation, and VMGThermo, an industry standard plug-in physical property package system.
The fastest growing segment of the physical property market is calorimetry, in particular, titration calorimetry, a relatively new technique, which has found widespread use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Here are some initial details, though pricing and physical property data were not available:
AMEX: RHM), a leading provider of computer-controlled materials test systems used for physical property measurements, today announced that it has completed the sale of its rheology instruments and services business to the TA Instruments Division of Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) for $17 million in cash and the assumption of $6 million in liabilities.
These kinetic results were subsequently used in combination with physical property data to predict aged property retention at ambient temperatures.
The Plastics/Elastomers/Paints/Coatings/Inks industry is a key end-user for physical property instrumentation and will continue to develop and produce new compounds and composites of materials that need to be tested.
Curing conditions for all of the physical property data are provided.
Protein Solutions, Inc, a division of Rheometric Scientific (AMEX:RHM), a leading provider of computer-controlled materials test systems used to make physical property measurements, today introduced the DynaPro(TM) Plate Reader, the first ever dynamic light scattering plate reader to assist in high throughput biomolecular characterization efforts.
Customer trials have produced excellent results, showing physical property gains in tensile strength, elongation and compression set resistance, according to the company.
is a leader in the field of physical property prediction, desktop chromatography and spectroscopy management, systematic naming, and Web-based access to chemistry prediction.
Technical service: Severe environment testing at elevated pressures and temperatures in a multiplicity of gas and liquid environments, life prediction testing, physical property measurement including dynamic rheological testing, thermal analysis
Sources from the company indicated that this strategic alliance extends RSI's physical property measurement capability beyond rheology, viscosity and thermal analyses into new instrumentation areas in the material characterization market place.