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Mark Heller's book is a rich and provocative contribution to some well-known issues of identity through time, modality and vagueness as they apply to physical objects. The argument is often dense but it is neatly structured into short sections within the four chapters.
The author, however, demotes or brushes aside this critical anthropology; for the consumerist economic model, as he understands it, requires a fierce sense of possessiveness and relations strictly between consumers and things - in "the interaction between people and physical objects" (243), "taste" as "rationalizing the feeling of possession, the sense of attachment to physical objects" (249), and "the new relation between people and things" (253).
Where Yuskavage's early drawing style tended to generalize-- despite a level of academic skill, she simply didn't have a personal way to draw close to nature--working from a physical object made the rendering much more varied and explicit.
Long before Jeff Koons made his stainless-steel Rabbit in 1986, Warhol's Silver Clouds announced the artwork's transubstantiation from physical object into sheer, simulacral surface.
To hear this sound, she reminds us, we should try to understand a painting as a balance of physical object and abstract metaphor--an d to remember, if possible, not to overintellectualize that understanding.
Because mathematical surfaces have zero thickness, one key step involves manipulating the data to "thicken" a surface so that it can exist as a physical object. Another involves testing whether everything in the object is actually connected.
[and] when the painting is at long last a coherent physical object."(2) In this formulation, his images answer to lived time and to the transient being who is Howard Hodgkin, not, as he is quick to point out, to grand schemes of art history - developments in modes of visualization and human expression, pattern of engagement With a society and its ideology, the transmutation of cultures.
Though, admittedly, the surfaces of Belag's paintings may recall faded jeans, in strictly artistic terms they bring to mind the sobriety and reflective self-effacement associated with a tradition that stretches from the late work of Cezanne to the early work of Brice Marden--work in which the space of naturalistic perception is crossed with a direct experience of the painting as physical object.
Some examples of these so-called 'anomalous' phenomena or occurrences are bilocation (being in two places at the same time), telekinesis (or mind over matter), teleportation (or disappearing in one place and appearing immediately in another), and materialization (the appearance of a physical object out of nowhere).
Gartner analyst Marc Kerremans explains in the Guide that "the implementation of a digital twin is an encapsulated software object that mirrors the characteristics of a unique physical object or a unique collection of physical objects.
Digital Twins refer to a virtual working replica of the physical object based on real time sensor data from the latter.
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