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Not only do those who take effective possession of a physical object become its just possessor but they may also transfer their justly held possession how they wish and exercise exclusive control over what happens to the physical object.
Kaufman's audience has the privilege of returning again and again to the behavioral model he brilliantly embodies, in order to scrutinize its contour and structure, much as they would a physical object.
In the presence of the physical object, the researcher has an immanent experience of the artifact and, given the nature of human cognition, that experience has an affective dimension (Dolan, 2002).
On this theory, a physical object is coincident with the region of spacetime which it exactly fills.
While many of the early moderns held--partly as a consequence of the arguments from hallucination and illusion--that the direct objects were always mind-dependent, the core claim of OV is that the direct objects of non-hallucinatory perceptual experiences are mind-independent physical objects.
No man or woman can interact with a physical object, save through a web of social mediations that are likely to involve ideals, habits, and attitudes, all inseparable from the person's social and cultural self.
Because mathematical surfaces have zero thickness, one key step involves manipulating the data to "thicken" a surface so that it can exist as a physical object.
Though, admittedly, the surfaces of Belag's paintings may recall faded jeans, in strictly artistic terms they bring to mind the sobriety and reflective self-effacement associated with a tradition that stretches from the late work of Cezanne to the early work of Brice Marden--work in which the space of naturalistic perception is crossed with a direct experience of the painting as physical object.
The Creaform plug-in interactively processes and displays a shaded model as a physical object is captured by the Handyscan 3D system.
Fritz, deals with improved methods of converting information placed directly on a physical object into PC-readable data utilizing two-dimensional bar codes and various data compression techniques, along with software and desktop image scanners.
The Directors believe that premium content is most attractive when you can offer customers a physical object, using the visual attributes of the brand, and playing on the emotional attachment between the mass market and desirable content properties.
Contract award notice: guard and security services physical objects of permanent management lublin provincial office in lublin, rendered in a period of 3 years.
Developers who want to enable physical objects to communicate with smartphones and other personal gadgets can now order Blesh PW Beacons and the Blesh PW App.
The reply is that once we understand the relationship between sense data and physical objects as being analogous to the relationship between surfaces of physical objects and the physical objects themselves, the objection loses much of its force.
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