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characteristics referring to the reference type, physical entity being reference, etc.
The Hall of Fame will become a physical entity when the new athletics stadium is built and will be incorporated into the Welsh Athletics offices there.
Still, whatever else it might be, the brain is a physical entity, vulnerable from without and within.
I believe the old man's developed a religious fixation - a belief that God is a physical entity, a 'buddy', if you like, there to help him function on a day-to-day basis as he prepares for death.
I might have a heart that beats and functions regularly but I cannot confirm that I am alive," Kenawy wrote, "when I search within myself, I perceive a self that has an independent existence and contains a set of laws that rule and govern the body as a physical entity.
The Histories describe the world from its beginnings as a concept rather than merely a physical entity up to that war to end all wars, the Persian of the early fifth century BCE.
One result is that the body as a physical entity and bodily practices as a distinctive domain of quotidian experience have become lost to historical view.
Rabbi and author Harold Kushner said, "The soul is not a physical entity, but instead refers to everything about us that is not physical--our values, memories, identity, sense of humour.
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