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Laborers in factories and mines and on farms were largely in a state of virtual though not nominal slavery, living, many of them, in unspeakable moral and physical conditions.
It is content to seek health of body by complying with physical conditions, and health of mind by the laws of the intellect.
Mysticism, with its marvellous power of making common things strange to us, and the subtle antinomianism that always seems to accompany it, moved him for a season; and for a season he inclined to the materialistic doctrines of the Darwinismus movement in Germany, and found a curious pleasure in tracing the thoughts and passions of men to some pearly cell in the brain, or some white nerve in the body, delighting in the conception of the absolute dependence of the spirit on certain physical conditions, morbid or healthy, normal or diseased.
It is probable that the islands of the Cape de Verd group resemble, in all their physical conditions, far more closely the Galapagos Islands, than these latter physically resemble the coast of America, yet the aboriginal inhabitants of the two groups are totally unlike; those of the Cape de Verd Islands bearing the impress of Africa, as the inhabitants of the Galapagos Archipelago are stamped with that of America
He maintained that abroad, candidate firefighters have to meet certain criteria, including relating to their physical condition.
The City gaffer blasted the Argentine's physical condition last week but Tevez has worked flat out in training to change his mind.
A reaction to chemical additives in food is a physical condition, and their removal, according to the study, can produce marked results.
Delgadillo cited a recent case involving Hollywood Presbyterian in which a paraplegic was dropped off without a wheelchair and in poor physical condition.
The properties are being offered in an "As Is" physical condition.
Galaman Ltd was developed to provide the equine athlete and small animals with only the highest quality products to enhance, promote and maintain their physical condition.
The best diagrams are explicit of the structure of both an idea and a physical condition like a building.
Fun Facts: First kickflip wallride, a part-time Jiu Jitsu instructor, in the top physical condition of his life
Being active hikers, both generations of Otters are in excellent physical condition, which helped them survive their experience.
According to the court, the government did not disclose the particular medication and dose range that it proposed to give the detainee, or indicate that it considered the detainee's particular mental or physical condition in reaching its conclusions.
With my focus totally in the field and no time to regroup, my thoughts and physical condition become as disorganized and tired as my gear.
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