physical change

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a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition

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healthy self-esteem, positive feelings about physical changes in puberty, accurate information about puberty, healthy eating and exercise patterns) to effectively address developmental issues related to body image.
My dance training has taught me how to blow myself up, pump up my veins and make a real physical change into a wolf.
Because no chemical or physical change occurs in the antimicrobial agent, the filtration system maintains long-term effectiveness.
It has demonstrated that physical changes in myelin itself -the coating of the auditory nerve carrying sound signals to the brain -- affect our ability to hear.
It aims to create an app capable of adapting musical rhythm to movement and physical changes such as heart rate.
Apart from physical changes on the exterior, internal hardware components of the phone is said to remain same.
They said awareness is created among girls and boys at pre adolescent age about physical changes in their bodies under the project so that they may not involved in social ills by securing wrong information from internet and other sources.
Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Older Drivers topic offers up-to-date information on how aging may affect driving, including physical changes, safety issues and ways older drivers can cope when driving skills change.
Chemical changes were more potent than physical changes.
A Hypnotic Protocol for Eliciting Physical Changes through Suggestions of Biochemical Responses.
The Department also made physical changes at its two childcare centers.
Relationships between microstructural changes and physical changes of shrimp during boiling are required to improve the quality of boiled shrimp.
The physical changes that the team found don't necessarily imply that those parts of the brain were working badly.
Predicting physical changes that occur in the wax pattern, shell and solidifying metal during investment casting could soon be possible according to results from a collaborative research project in which the AFS 4-L Investment Casting Committee and Procast incorporated a visco-elastic code developed by the U.
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