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For the study, the team had heterosexual undergraduates look at photos of 10 individuals from the opposite sex and rate them on a scale of one to 10 for physical attraction.
Gwynedd singles it seems are happy to sacrifice keenness of mind and physical attraction for someone who is kind and giving.
The decisions are made based on pure physical attraction, but will that prove to be a better indicator of compatibility than making small talk in a pub or exchanging text messages?
1) The concept of interpersonal attraction is different from physical attraction which is merely a perceptive view (a view based on individual's own perception) as regards what is and what is not considered.
Further, they will not accept our offer if their affair is platonic or linked to physical attraction.
The plot for the heroine is to find true love but comes to marry another to show marriage is doomed with only physical attraction.
At first it was just physical attraction, but lately it's got more serious.
She examines the ideas of physical attraction of black women against the normative white standard, offers her ideas on how class affects perceptions of race and gender, then focuses on the figure of the unwanted woman.
People also said that the top 3 requirements for having great sex is physical attraction, emotional intimacy, feeling secure and loved.
If they look to a male mentor, as on 30 Rock, she and the man have to be mature enough never to let physical attraction get in the way.
The stunning actress, who married husband Cash Warren three years ago, thinks physical attraction passes and only lasts for two years when people are in a relationship.
This young man clearly has doubts about any sort of relationship with you and it also seems that what you feel is a strong physical attraction, not love.
A powerful physical attraction makes you realise you are much more passionate than you thought.
My own parents were together for more than 60 years until death took my father 18 months or so ago and were bound by bonds much deeper than physical attraction.
He also says the contribution of physical attraction to any budding relationship shouldn't be under-estimated.
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