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the ability to perform some physical act

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If a passenger with a prosthesis is being evaluated for assignment to an exit seat, the presence of the prosthesis would not be the determinant for being able to meet the criteria but rather the physical ability to perform the exit seat duties," (http://fsims.
Our research reinforces a life span approach to maintaining physical ability --don't wait until you are 80 years old and cannot get out of a chair," said study co-author Katherine Hall, PhD, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke, in a news release.
The four-year-old has Sanfilippo disease, an incurable illness which will destroy his brain functions and physical ability.
They also present similar physical ability to the elderly (24).
Apart from the fact that your physical ability starts to decline, I also think someone in their 50s being childlike becomes a little sad.
Naismith took part in a sports session with youngsters, delivered by Everton in the Community, to help them understand how smoking can have an adverse affect on physical ability and their health.
Dr Ioan Rees, director of the Cardiff-based psychological training, coaching and development firm Sycol, said: "Dai knows he can do it and has the physical ability to win the gold.
Karate can be practiced by anyone of any age and of any ability, there are no limits or restrictions relating to gender or physical ability.
The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of pregnancy-related back pain on quality of life and physical ability in the third trimester of pregnancy.
DNA, the genetic code we inherit from our parents, is important for our physical ability and previous work has shown that variations in the protein-building blocks of muscle can influence performance.
With increasing age, a person's physical ability, including gait speed, muscle strength, and balance, generally declines (Odenheimer et al 1994, Wolfson 2001).
3 : to cause to lose physical ability or emotional control <Firefighters were overcome by smoke.
A 6-item scale, titled Perceived Physical Ability Scale for Children, was presented to a sample of 1914 children, 997 girls and 917 boys, ranging in age from 8 to 10 years, drawn from 15 elementary schools representing different regions of Italy.
At six months, the patients showed improvements in their quality of life, as measured by tests of their physical ability, physical limitations, and social function.
However, most research still focuses on the domains of general self-esteem and/or physical ability self-concept.