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Synonyms for physic

an agent used to restore health

to administer or add a drug to

Synonyms for physic

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Is the new physics of finance a fool s errand--as most economists contend--or a rising stock that they will soon be buying into?
Think Physics will seek to address the national shortage of STEM skills in the region and UK by inspiring more young people to take up these subjects at university.
It describes the work of 15 women who use physics to solve medical mysteries, discover planets, research new materials, and more.
The 27th International Physics Congress", organized jointly by Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency and Turkish Physical Society, will be held under the auspices of Istanbul University between September 14-17, 2010.
Theoreticians had proposed, and experimenters were verifying, the standard model of particle physics, a detailed but incomplete picture of matter and its interactions.
More high school students are taking physics than ever before, and the number of physics bachelor's degree recipients in the nation has increased 31% since 2000, according to data provided by the American Institute of Physics (AIP).
high school students are currently enrolled in physics courses.
degree in theoretical particle physics and the other by a physicist who sometimes works in string theory--that cast string theory in a dramatically unflattering light.
International conference on Physics in Collision (25th: 2005: Prague, Czech Republic).
A] coupling constants, improved tests of the Standard Model, limits on new physics, such as second-class currents (see Ref.
Research involving students in an educational opportunity program at a technological university sheds light on small group physics learning and indicates a significant relationship between language development and conceptual physics learning.
Back in 1893, a committee of 10 educators, led by a Harvard University president, decided high school science should start with biology in ninth grade, chemistry in 10th grade and, if necessary, physics in 11th or 12th grade.
This report provides information about holders of bachelor's degrees in physics who went on to earn master's degrees and were employed at the time of the survey (completed by spring 1999).