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Phylogeny of the orb-web building spiders (Araneae, Orbiculariae: Deinopoidea, Araneoidea).
Numerous studies have been performed utilizing retrotransposons as markers to construct a molecular phylogeny or to help further clarify the species branching in a number of groups.
Molecular phylogeny of the fern family Dryopteridaceae inferred from chloroplast rbcL and atpB genes.
A phylogeny depicting the history of diversification of major lineages of the grass family was assembled from the diploid species selected, and genome size was traced along its branches.
Although there are some inconsistencies that may be explained by further inquiries into long calls, long call analysis is an appropriate way to study orangutan phylogeny.
Phylogeny and embryology of the facial nerve and related structures.
The book - based on Nobel Laureate Nikolass Tinbergen approach in the 1950s - looks at animal communication from the four perspectives of mechanisms, ontogeny, function and phylogeny.
This tree of hierarchical relationships, known as a phylogeny, traces a path from ancestral species at the trunk to the most recently evolved species out on the twigs.
The present contribution reanalyzed the metabolic rates [4, 5] of pelagic cephalopods as a function of, for consistency with previous studies, MDO (minimum depth of occurrence) using phylogenetic independent contrasts derived from a recent molecular phylogeny [6].
Phylogeny based on morphology (often plainly adaptive) is phylogeny based partly on homoplasy, i.
First, if long branches are actually adjacent in the true phylogeny, then the well-known phenomenon of long-branch attraction may reinforce the correct tree, even though the length estimate of the joining internal branch will be exaggerated (Felsenstein 1978; Penny et al.
Proponents of the existence of an immortal soul bear the burden of proof as to its provenance and prospects, its relationship to human ontogeny and phylogeny, and how it may be bound up with other difficult-to-understand concepts such as consciousness and free will.
Phylogeny will manage the procurement of specimens from clinical trial sites and evaluate Lymphoseek's accuracy in detecting metastatic cells.
They cover taxonomy and systematics, tabular keys to species of Steinernema and Heterohabditis, Steinernematidae species descriptions, Heterohabditidae species descriptions, and phylogeny and phylogeography of Heterohabditis and Steinernema.