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of or relating to the evolutionary development of organisms


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The unusual condition of the ectopterygoid and endopterygoid of Leptophilypnion may well be uniquely derived or apomorphic characters, and thus unhelpful in determining its phyletic relationships.
For biology teachers, this may entail the uncertainty of finding accessible and relatively small areas in which substantial marine phyletic biodiversity can be found.
Punctuated equilibria: an alternative to phyletic gradualism, in T.
Vascular morphology of the rhizome of ferns is currently well accepted as a conserved feature, which is minimally affected by the environment and is a highly reliable comparative criterion thought to be of significance in taxonomic and phyletic studies of homosporous ferns.
96) Punctuationists emphasize speciation over phyletic evolution, (97) and opposed the uniformitarianism (98) that assumes the natural processes operating in the past were the same as those that can be observed operating in the present.
An excellent example of phyletic evolution is proposed by White, et al.
47) This neo-catastrophism 'stands in antithesis to the phyletic gradualism presented by the neo-Darwinians'.
The purpose of this study is to construct a high-level phylogeny of the major angiosperm groups with the aim to infer the phyletic position of the monocots.
Identifying isolated shark teeth of the genus Carcharhinus to species: relevance for tracking phyletic change through the fossil record.
Compagno LJV: Phyletic relationships of living sharks and rays.
Gould, paleontologists, published "Punctuated Equilibria: an Alternative to Phyletic Gradualism.
It involved the revival of the "hopeful monster" theory -- the notion that great genetic changes can accumulate over a period of time and then suddenly express themselves in a whole new phyletic line.
For example, browsers dominate the extinct faunal assemblage in Australia; those that survived underwent phyletic dwarfing and conditions improved for grazers.