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of or relating to the evolutionary development of organisms


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This phyletic extinction will require not just new expertise and experience, but also entrepreneurial energy to make the necessary changes for the 21st century.
This species can be considered a phyletic giant given that its body size is much larger than that attained by most of the remaining species in the family Mithracidae (Baeza et al.
4) Phyletic refers to connections among organisms based on their evolutionary history.
Identifying isolated shark teeth of the Genus Carcharhinus to species: relevance for tracking phyletic change through the fossil record.
Niles Eldridge & Stephen Jay Gould, Punctuated Eqilibria: An Alternative to Phyletic Gradualism, in Models in Paleobiology 108 (Thomas J.
2010): Small body size and extreme cortical bone remodeling indicate phyletic dwarfism in Magyarosaurus dacus (Sauropoda: Titanosauria).
40) The fundamental paper is Niles Eldredge & Stephen Jay Gould, 'Punctuated Equilibria: An Alternative to Phyletic Gradualism' in Thomas J.
In several phyletic lines one or two pieces may appear more or less strongly differentiated and separated (according to Medina et al.
These sister leafhopper species belong to different phyletic groups, showing differences in morphology, isoenzymes, molecular characters, oviposition behavior, and allopatric distribution (Heady et al.
And some times, explicit analyses on character evolution and phyletic relationships were included (Bower 1914).
Chapter 5 details the history of the "punc eek" controversy following the publication of the paper "Punctuated Equilibria: An Alternative to Phyletic Gradualism" by Niles Eldredge and Stephen Gould, as a chapter in the volume Models in Paleobiology (1972), edited by Thomas J.
This similarity presumably relates more to size reduction in the two genera rather than phyletic relationship.
Gould, "Punctuated Equlilibria: An Alternative to Phyletic Gradualism," in T.
For example, warmly reviewing the "old-fashioned tone" of the Atheneum edition in New York's Saturday Review (on 23 August 1969), Roger Masters took exception to only one detail--that the sex-drive which cohered such primitive communities, owing to phyletic memory, could manifest itself among the blades as homosexual.
The life cycle and phyletic affinity of Gloeocapsomorpha prisca Zalessky 1917 from Ordovician rocks in the Canadian Williston Basin.