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water-soluble proteinaceous pigments found in red algae and cyanobacteria

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Released phycobilin fluorescence reached maximum intensity less than a minute after lysis, then declined over 2 to 6 min.
The material released by the lysed algae includes phycobilins, which are intensely fluorescent.
has relatively more N-rich phycobilin pigments in the light-harvesting complex than N.
However the chlorophyll a and protein content was high in blue light but the phycobilipigment was high under red light reflecting the necessity of high wavelength for the Phycobilin pigment synthesis especially PC and APC.
The absorption of light energy by cyanobacteria is based upon the occurrence of one or two forms of chlorophylls together with carotenes and phycobilins. Chlorophylls are the pivotal photosynthetic pigments.
do in the Rhodophyta, another group having phycobilin pigments
pigment, and the apparent absence of any phycobilin pigments, both
The seaweeds that can tolerate excess light are rich in carotenes, while those living in filtered light have pigments suitable for catching it with the greatest efficiency, phycobilins. The change from excess light to twilight passes through all the intervening intensities.