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Synonyms for phthisis

an infectious disease producing lesions especially of the lungs

Synonyms for phthisis

involving the lungs with progressive wasting of the body

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Severe complications such as endophthalmitis and phthisis bulbi were not observed during the 12-month follow-up.
Malaria, fever, diabetes, stomachic, tonic, alterative, helminthiasis, cholagogue, general debility, dysentery, certain forms of dyspepsia, liver complaints mainly of children, flatulence, diarrhea in children, spleen complaints, colic, strangulation of intestine, constipation, diarrhea, cholera, phthisis.
The comparison of chest X--Radioscopy/ Radiography with physical methods which were applied to diagnose phthisis created both excessive enthusiasm and excessive skepticism at the beginning of the application of X-rays.
From a single progenitor, the drunken Max Jucke, descended in 75 years, 200 robbers and murderers, 280 poor people suffering from blindness, idiocy, phthisis, 90 prostitutes and 300 children died early, (p.
The cause of phthisis may have been corneal perforation with subsequent inflammation and remodeling, or because of chronic uveitis.
Anyhow there are endless fairy tale passages, & particularly the food is always fairy tale--& no wonder she got phthisis if she tried to live on it, which isn't altogether unlikely.
Principal cause of PVA < 20/60 per eye and per person was classified using the following categories: refractive error, uncorrected aphakia, untreated cataract, surgical complication, trachomatous corneal opacity, non-trachomatous corneal opacity, phthisis bulbi (subatrophy of the eye), glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and other posterior pole, eyeball, and nervous system disorders.
The young man hesitated in proposing marriage, which actually would have been impossible as the young lady was a Catholic, but, anyway, this episode was thought to have affected his health, as Ruskin reacts at Adele's marriage with a phthisis crisis and embarks rapidly for Italy.
Staniforth suffered from phthisis and his health deteriorated in December 1921.
Nevertheless, Lockroy was very far from eschewing the pathos attendant upon the performance of phthisis.
As for cyclodestructive procedures (cyclocryotherapy and cyclophotocoagulation), they are efficient in reducing the IOP but cannot be considered as first line treatments because they exhibit important complications like phthisis bulbi and retinal detachment (both appear in 50% of cases), progressive lens opacification and blindness [1,13, 21, 22].
Delatour's estimate of the widespread presence of tuberculosis (also referred to as phthisis in the Report) is alarming, as are the intellectual limitations of many Notre Dame Bay residents concerning public health matters.
Hippocrates identified phthisis as the most widespread disease of the time which involved the coughing up of blood, fever and was almost always fatal (3).
The anterior type is the most amenable to sugery, which aims to provide the best vision potential and to prevent the development of glaucoma and phthisis bulbi.
101 (November 2011): 35-52; Bradley Bowden and Beris Penrose, "Dust, Contractors, Politics and Silicosis: Conflicting Narratives and the Queensland Royal Commission into Miners' Phthisis, 1911," Australian Historical Studies 27, no.