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Synonyms for phthisical

relating to or afflicted with tuberculosis

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The contralateral eye in this patient was phthisical from a historical injury, and the animal was not sighted in that eye.
Both of these retinal ependymomas occurred in eyes that had been phthisical for decades.
[3] reported a series of 34 severely injured eyes that underwent the PPV + TKP + PKP procedure; 8 eyes were considered phthisical and 10 eyes had a longstanding hypotony.
Usually, most cats do not show signs of pain or irritation but are blind owing to a phthisical eye (MILLER & DUBIELZIG, 2005).
The prognosis is always guarded as most eyes become phthisical with no vision.
The eye was phthisical, as evidenced by mild wrinkling of the eyelid margins and an asymmetric corneal profile when the bird's face was viewed from the front.