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someone who claims to be able to read your character from the shape of your skull


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| It find birth, marriage fish, of ca wrc n's a 12 people listed over 41 years in the unpopular role of phrenologist
It was for this reason that pedagogues such as Horace Mann and Robert Owen were attracted to the doctrine." (85) The standard of this social philosophy was the Scottish phrenologist George Combe's 1828 Constitution of Man (which he referred to as his "bible of secularism"), one of the most popular books of the late 1830s; it transformed phrenology from a physiological science to a program of moral reform that could serve as a challenge to evangelical moral campaigns.
In his Principles of Physiological Psychology, first published in Germany in 1873, Wundt referred to the "instinct of propagation" and the "instinct of self-defense" identified by phrenologist Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828) as two of 27 "internal senses" responsible for different mental processes in humans (Wundt & Titchener, 1904, p.
[T]he anatomist chemist astronomer geologist phrenologist spiritualist mathematician historian and lexicographer are not poets, but they are the lawgivers of poets and their construction underlies the structure of every perfect poem.
But deception is the major theme of this entertaining novel and the creation of the phrenologist Professor Heywood and the scheming and supposedly much travelled Captain Palmer reveal that Caraboo was not alone in exploiting the naivety of the wealthy.
Of course, no phrenologist or mainstream psychologist would dare express such opinions, at least in public; nevertheless, for the Catholic and Protestant Churches--those very institutions whose teachings were sending adherents in droves to the asylums--the science of mind was a new threat to their tyranny over the minds of men and women.*
Phrenologist Archibald Silas Hamilton exhumed Crow's skull after his death to study what he thought it could reveal about aspects of character and morality.
(6) Now I wonder if Modern Age would commission an article on a philosopher who admitted right off the bat that he was a devoted geocentrist and phrenologist, who interpreted those two sciences through the prism of alchemy and Scientology.
Second, Ray was an ardent phrenologist, and he viewed mental
"A dimple in the chin means .devil within." This superstition, first recorded in Lancashire in the 16th century, is derived from a phrenologist who noted that most people executed for murder had cleft chins - and also eyebrows which met in the middle.
Demonstrations will include the creation of poultices, teas, and other remedies by OSV's costumed historians and portrayals of a traveling dentist, a ship's surgeon from the War of 1812, and a phrenologist. Visitors can also see antique medical implements from the Village's collection.
A New York City phrenologist once examined the detached skull of the great leader and diplomat Mangas Coloradas after he was murdered under a flag of truce.
"Blin' Bob" had also attracted the curiosity of phrenologist, Max McGregor, who had taken a post-mortem cast of Duncan's head, finding it to be 23.5 inches in circumference.
The challenge of exploring the intellectual life of this highly intellectual writer--this woman with (according to a phrenologist of the time) "a very large brain" who is often said to have "read everything" (5, i)--can be taken on only by someone of enormous intellectual capacity and energy of their own.