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someone who claims to be able to read your character from the shape of your skull


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Other sometimes itinerant practitioners in early America included phrenologists.
As read by the craniologist Samuel Morton and, subsequently, by phrenologists such as George Coombe and the Fowler brothers, heads confirmed racial identity and type, serving to fix immutable racial difference in support of white supremacy.
An old-time professional phrenologist would have credited him with Napoleonic force of character on the testimony of his jaw.
On his last run he was beaten only two lengths into fourth behind Phrenologist in a six-furlong Lingfield maiden, and before that had run well over five, so the return to the minimum should pose no problems.
The phrenologist concludes that Yagan had been naturally disposed toward ".
phrenologist, offering the public `Phrenonmetrical Measurements and three life-sized Diagrams of [their] head as compared with Normal Head'.
One prominent phrenologist and one of the spokesman for the science was Paul Broca (1824-1880), whose work had been translated and was widely read in the United States.
The new Phrenologist and Firkin has just opened its doors in Slough - a sister pub to the Fort and Firkin, Windsor, until recently known as the Old Trout.
phrenologist, embalmer, actor, musician, doctor, steamship captain, papermaker, shoemaker, boilermakers, blacksmith, servant, vagrant, machinist, tailor, farmer, miner, carpenter, baker, coachamn, carriagemaker, carriage-trimmer, cabinet maker, housekeeper, peddlar, painter, plumber, locomotive engineer, locomotive fireman, metal finisher, rivetter, shipbuilder, boot black, newsboy and urchin, soldier.
You might even get a reading from a 19th-century phrenologist.
25) Phrenology continued to enjoy a meteoric rise throughout the 1830s, especially after the prominent Scotrish phrenologist George Combe's 1838 lecture tour.
These casts were made during the early 19th-century--before photography--by phrenologist Pierre-Marie Dumontier, employed by French explorer Dumont d'Urville, on his third voyage of discovery.
This article proposes the reasons why career counseling arose in phrenology at that time and argues that the eminent phrenologist Nelson.
and aids, the skilled phrenologist assessing a psyche by feeling
The singer popped herself down on a wall for a head-massaging session with the phrenologist healer.