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someone who claims to be able to read your character from the shape of your skull


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It is the thesis of this article that the roots of career counseling lie within phrenology, and the best candidate for the tide of founder of career counseling is neither Parsons nor Richards but is the eminent phrenologist Nelson Sizer.
Chakras Phrenologists massage the head to feel lumps, which identify traits, and the client can then nurture or encourage their talents.
Phrenologist could develop into a useful sprint handicapper next year and he can pick up tomorrow's contest on the way.
The phrenologist particularly emphasizes Ruth's skills as a consumer.
He was variously a Tory and a Whig, a Presbyterian and a Deist, a committed phrenologist and an ardent admirer of both Sir Walter Scott's literature and the shape of his skull.
Of particular interest to scholars will be his detailed analyses of the work of leading figures in the development of German criminology from its origins among nineteenth-century moral statisticians and critics of the Italian phrenologist Cesare Lombroso to internationally-renowned, turn-of-the-century experts in criminal law and criminal psychiatry, respected Weimar sociologists, and finally Nazi-period criminal biologists and eugenicists.
In 1837, the prominent Phrenologist Robert Macnish referred with affection to the (violent) attachment in men represented by Damon and Pythias (the "result," he wrote, of "excessive Adhesiveness") that "defied even death itself" and which led Macnish to exult, "What beautiful pictures of friendship between men" (qtd.
In his interactions with friends and relatives he is a phrenologist, evaluating people on the basis of prominent facial and cranial features.
Hodgson to the phrenologist and radical John Epps in 1842.
From Mezey's anecdotal resume of Hardy's life, we learn a number of interesting biographical details, including the fact that he visited a phrenologist and the bizarre circumstances surrounding his burial (his body was laid in Poet's Corner at Westminster Abbey, but his heart was removed and interred in Dorset).
Incidentally, the phrenologist George Combe, who had earlier diagnosed Marian Evans's 'Amat[iveness]' as 'rather small', revised his analysis in light of her relations with George Lewes and concluded that this was a case of 'mental aberration' (Gordon S.
Fascinating snippets of information emerge, such as the habit of selling illustrations to editions of poetry or fiction separately, to be bound later; or adding to the well-known evidence of an interest in phrenology in the novels the fact that Charlotte visited a phrenologist in 1851 (see the Chronology - though she and Anne would not have seen the Great Exhibition in 1848).
In a move that replicates the phrenologist conducting a reading, Rochester lifts up his hair so that Jane, who has only recently met him, can ascertain what lies beneath his hair.
You can even get a reading from a 19th-century phrenologist.
Placing an explicit reference to George Combe, the most widely regarded phrenologist of the day in the text of 'The Man of the Crowd', Poe made the importance of phrenology to the story explicit.