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Based on theoretical or empirical studies that emphasize the importance to investigate the quality of the relationship between siblings, taking into consideration specific characteristics of the environment where interactions and behaviors take place, this article presents the results of a research that identified particular traits of the care behavior manifestation among children with and without siblings in an institution in Belem's Metropolitan Region, through events involving several partners, with the same or different ages, more specifically in the phratry context.
but, rather, a descent group a phratry, in fact, one that is apparently multilingual (ibid.
On phratry religion and its post-Kleisthenic survival, see Lambert 1998, chap.
Kiikyam signifies clan or phratry whose member is kikmongwi.
For a long time there has been a division between the view of Wilamowitz and his followers, that the Demotionidae were a phratry and the Deceleans a privileged genos within it, and that of Wade-Gery refined by Andrewes, that the Deceleans were a phratry and the Demotionidae a privileged genos within it.
This is not to argue that, after the dissolution of Nata Nage, 'Nage' designated anything like a named phratry or federation of clans.
a sacrifice at a meeting of a phratry, attested at Delphi.
but Callias, who seems to have officiated at the ritual, possibly as a priest of his phratry, disowned the infant.
Despite Loftin's arguments that the Hopi clan and phratry system supposedly afford the "experience of transcendence" to "spheres of unity and spirituality" (17-18), they are actually a major source of the rivalries, hatreds, and discontinuities of Hopi life.
a hierarchical arrangement of progressively more inclusive groups, based on genealogical reckoning and standardized into levels with corresponding labels, so that Para might be considered a phratry, Weirai a clan, Kurube a sublclan.
In Classical Athens, for example, when a child was no longer a baby, at the age of three, it would be presented to the family clan, the phratry, and subsequently would participate in the choes festival for the first time that same year.
A fire was kindled and a pipe lighted and passed around with much formality, and a greeting given the visiting tribal phratry with the Chant of Welcome (Hale 1895: 49-50).
302b-d shows how it is your religious affiliations in the phratry that determine under what epithets you worship your gods.
The other is a system of phratry names (Berndt & Berndt 1970:61--6), which linguistic evidence argues to be of some antiquity across much the same region as the skewing.
They were not of the Bear clan, nor any clan of the Bear phratry, which is the proper clan to fill the Kikmongwi's position, nor were they of any high-ranking clan.