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but, rather, a descent group a phratry, in fact, one that is apparently multilingual (ibid.
The water-spirit clan ruled the aquatic clans of the lower phratry, though in past times it ruled the entire lower phratry and perhaps the entire tribe (Radin 1990: 193).
This is not to argue that, after the dissolution of Nata Nage, 'Nage' designated anything like a named phratry or federation of clans.
a hierarchical arrangement of progressively more inclusive groups, based on genealogical reckoning and standardized into levels with corresponding labels, so that Para might be considered a phratry, Weirai a clan, Kurube a sublclan.
The other is a system of phratry names (Berndt & Berndt 1970:61--6), which linguistic evidence argues to be of some antiquity across much the same region as the skewing.