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the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences

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In LFG, phrase structure trees, once generated, do not suffer further modifications.
Incidentally, I ignore here the so-called Bare Phrase Structure model suggested in Chomsky (1995), where linguistic elements enter the derivation in an unordered way, and spatial relations are not considered to abide by Antisymmetry theory.
weak generation procedures: strong generation was (and, we will show, is still) taken to be the generation of structural descriptions via phrase structure rules (PSR) of the type X [right arrow] Y, configuring a [SIGMA], F grammar where E is a finite set of initial symbols and F a set of terminal strings.
The melody, with its mostly stepwise design and symmetrical phrase structure, allows the composer to implement an arsenal of his favorite harmonic devices, motivic fragmentations, contrapuntal manipulations, and broadly conceived formal transformations.
The fact is, however, that YQX has no notion whatsoever of abstract musical concepts like structure, form, or repetition and parallelism; it is not even aware of the phrase structure of the piece.
Additionally, the song's phrase structure and motivic organization are based on the form of the poem, particularly the rhyme scheme.
Drawing extensively from elicited data as well as a corpus of compiled texts, I describe the language at its various levels: phonology, morphology, phrase structure, clause structure, clause-combining operations, and discourse.
This is because the incorporated nominal is not a single phrase structure constituent (although it does display partial argument status, in allowing modification at all).
PADT, TUT and SDT are original dependency treebanks while BTB was converted from Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) format to dependency graphs in [3].
Vainikka, Anna, and Martha Young-Scholten 1996a: "Gradual Development of L2 Phrase Structure.
Getting back to the model presented in (1), Chomsky presents the idea of the phrase structure grammar with S as the highest non-terminal constituent as part of the model describing natural languages.
The irregular phrase structure of the Andante theme can be viewed as a consequence of interpolated arpeggio bars, that is, the eight-bar sentence breaking down into 2-(1)-2-(1)-2.
For several reasons, the passacaille in Act 5 scene 2 of Jean-Baptiste Lully's tragedie lyrique Armide provides a fascinating study in phrase structure.
I have discussed the importance of such new forms at length elsewhere;(1) here it seems sufficient to point out how the form of Heptachronon relates to the phrase structure and the pitch structure of the music.
The blues form cannot be reduced simply to a number of bars and type of chord progression or phrase structure.