phototrophic bacteria

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green and purple bacteria

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The production of IAA by phototrophic bacteria was reported by many workers (Sasikala and Ramana, 1995; Rajasekhar et al.
The University of Rostock intends to acquire a high-resolution system for Metabolitanalyse in phototrophic bacteria and plants for the Department of Plant Physiology of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
Gogotov, "Transformation of metals and metal ions by hydrogenases from phototrophic bacteria," Archives of Microbiology, vol.
Current phototrophic bacteria, which resemble the first photosynthesizers, have only this photosystem.
coli in the caves, probably due to sewage disposal, and phototrophic bacteria which would not naturally be found in such a dark environment.
Due to the high density of photosynthetic organisms, bacterial mucilage, and mineral particles in mats, light absorption is dominated by the light-harvesting pigments of the phototrophic bacteria, and light is strongly scattered.
The vertical stratification of the populations of phototrophic bacteria found in Ciso corresponds to the norms of general ecological theory.
Anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria are studied as one of the earliest organisms due to their phylogenic antiquity and ability to metabolize iron and sulfur using light energy.