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arrangement of aerial photographs forming a composite picture

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Sure, such language may be lucid to photomosaic experts, but in a volume which embraces such a broad range of scientific and artistic disciplines, it is unlikely that more than a few readers would.
Digital photomosaics, stitched together from individual pictures, are a potent means of displaying potentially large numbers of close-ups in a highly contextualised form.
The commission was to do three large photomosaics made up of portraits of local people for a new senior center.
Bankfull channel width was obtained by measurements from photomosaics.
However FAO's 1990 comparative analysis of 1979 1:100,000 air photomosaics and 1990 satellite images finds no evidence of savannization.
It is surprising to us that the Spanish representatives who have viewed the photomosaics are not aware of this if they have any experience with shipwreck sites.
The new sub has five high-def cameras--one above each observer's forward viewport to record exactly what they can see; two cameras higher up on Alvins brow that provide a better overview of the seafloor 'landscape'; and the new hybrid digital SLR/HDTV camera, initially mounted to point downward beneath Alvins basket to collect photos of the seafloor we pass over, which can be merged into photomosaics.
Fieldwork included the logging of 17 detailed sedimentological profiles, the geological mapping of the facies using photomosaics of the intermediate areas, and the georeferencing and detailed documentation of 274 reefbuildups along the studied outcrop (Fig.
PLUS the first in our series of collectable photomosaics similar to the one shown here of Diana.
In these orders, the Judge ruled that the artifact summaries provided to Spain with photographs are not confidential, but that in the interest of protecting the site, other information including the preliminary site assessments, the site plans, the photographs of the sea bed and the photomosaics should remain confidential at this time.
SeaBED, developed by WHOI scientist Hanumant Singh, is an autonomous underwater vehicle that can swim slowly or hover over the seafloor to depths of 6,561 feet (2,000 meters); it collects highly detailed sonar and optical images of the seafloor, which can be made into photomosaics.
Within 14 days of the issuance of the Protective Order, in addition to the locations, Odyssey will provide Spain information about all three sites including photomosaics of the sites and information about artifacts recovered to date.
Back on land, they pieced together the photos to compose detailed photomosaics that offered panoramic perspectives of entire swaths of seafloor.
The Company located 23 shipwreck sites, produced 14 pre-disturbance photomosaics and completed preliminary excavations on seven sites.
The individual photos, four to five of them taken per second, must be pieced together into continuous strips, or photomosaics.