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measurement of the properties of light (especially luminous intensity)

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McCluney presents engineers, students, and academics with a detailed examination of the relationship between photometry and radiometry.
concentrations to agree with the findings using the flame photometry.
Having observed an outburst, or perhaps responding to an outburst alert from another observer, I carry out time-resolved photometry.
The yellowing that results from this reaction is measured via photoelectric photometry with accurate readings to <20 ppb HCHO, without significant cross-sensitivity, making it suitable for indoor air quality (IAO) applications.
Beginning with an introduction covering required mathematics and computer concepts, the work covers topics such as graphical geometry, color, planar graphic objects, spatial objects, hierarchies, geometric modeling, virtual cameras, illuminations, rasterization, radiometry and photometry, and ray tracing methods.
The future of photometry in the Highveld during winter is bleak.
5 - 8 the stimuli are characterized in terms of photopic photometry.
About 20 years ago I applied to study data of the members of the nearest star cluster, the Ursa Major Stream, from the Hipparcos Satellite, which primarily measured the distances to stars and also made photometry (light) measurements,.
These analyzers, which detect and monitor inflammatory activity in the body, are able to deliver such fast ESR results because the patented Test 1 Capillary Photometry technology takes 1,000 readings on every sample, which overcomes the variables and limitations of standard sedimentation procedures by measuring red blood cell aggregation.
Alcalase hydrolysates were the most effective antioxidants as determined by the ABTS assay and by fluorescence photometry.
Ideas under evaluation include a botanical photometry system adapted to detect crude oil in the sea; a gasifier for disposing of material contaminated with crude oil; and an oil recovery system that squeezes absorbent booms through a giant mangle and puts them on to a large bobbin adapted from offshore cable-laying for storage.
Serum beta-carotene and alpha-tocopherol concentrations and skin carotenoid levels were assessed by HPLC and reflection photometry.
Photometry and measuring of focus once performed by conventional mirror boxes now are carried out by reading information picked up the imaging sensor directly.
It was only later that the company introduced its first product utilizing its signature technology, ratiometric photometry.
Home glucose monitoring systems use either reflectance photometry or amperometry.