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a lithograph produced by photographically produced plates

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739, 1862, photolithograph on paper, 1894 x 1193 mm, State Library Victoria, Melbourne.
Viewers can expect a colourful mix of 50 screen prints and photolithographs from the selfdubbed "wizard in toytown" which capture the world of consumer advertising, high fashion and Hollywood.
The exhibition, which is set to feature a series of screenprints and photolithographs by 20th century artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, will open at the DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery on Saturday, January 31.
Manzi and Degas first worked together in 1889-90 on Quinze lithographies d'apres Degas, a book of fifteen photolithographs by George William Thornley after Degas, published by Manzi, Boussod, Valadon & Cie.
FRAZIER: Houston is going to focus on the photolithographs and the video work.
A dealer of rare prints - these are photolithographs - would sell your first picture, Duel of Eagles, for around pounds 350 today.
Tabbaa's 29 photolithographs and collage on canvas formations of Arabian and international black and white cinematic classics that are hanging at the walls of the Orient Gallery are nostalgic of times when movies were all about happy endings.
The chosen artists are Andrew Smith (abstract prints on acrylic), Brian Jones (screen prints), Catrin Williams (mixed-media prints based on Cerdd Dant dresses), Christopher Webster (photolithographs and transfer prints), Lou Thornton (mono-type prints), Luci Melegari (mixed media prints), Owain Morgan-Lee (linocut and monoprints) Paul Croft (lithographs), Pete Williams (woodcut prints on Japanese paper), Richard Bevan (Polaroid prints) and Steffan Jones-Hughes (etchings).
Another of the Trustees' enterprises was the commissioning of John Noone to make photolithographs from the prints by Albrecht Durer in the Dresden Gallery.
The journal CA (Contemporary Architecture), 1926-30, exalts Soviet modernity, while Lissitzky's three-volume collection of photolithographs on the architecture of Russia, America, and France memorializes prewar internationalism.
Its minimum feature size, at around 70 mm, is nearly three times that of the current photolithographed feature size of about 25 mm.
AN exhibition featuring a series of screenprints and photolithographs by 20th century artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi will run at the DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery from Saturday 31 January to Friday 10 April.