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a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded

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This damage also helps to identify images in both albums as having been printed from the same photographic plate.
X-RAY X-rays can be of various strengths to penetrate different organs so that a picture is shown on a photographic plate.
There is a screen of varying transparency mounted in the main camera lens system that is moved in accord with the amount of light that the electric eye sees, letting more light fail on the photographic plate when necessary.
I spotted this lady who was viewing the eclipse through a piece of opaque glass, I think it was a 5x4 photographic plate.
Mr Maplebeck said he had discovered how an arrangement of mirrored quartz lenses could haphazardly project images of long-vanished scenes onto a photographic plate.
The 3240 Platesetter is sold under private label and uses popular silver-halide digital photographic plate material.
Each photographic plate measures about 14 inches square and records a patch of sky about 13 times as wide as the moon.
La Divine Comtesse is the more remarkable book of the two, since it shows plate after photographic plate of this mysterious adventuress who was not above involvement in political schemes of her day.
2 IAU circular that he has found an image of what appears to be the comet in a single photographic plate taken April 27, 1993.
The orderly rows of atoms within the crystal deflect these X-rays in particular directions to produce a distinctive pattern of spots on a photographic plate.
Thus, the measured brightness of a quasar image on a photographic plate might not reflect the true brightness of the object.
Many researchers are now beginning to think of a crystal as simply any solid that yields a diffraction pattern consisting largely of well-defined, bright spots, as recorded on a photographic plate when X-rays or electrons pass through the material.
About five years ago, Clowes and Campusano began using an automated scanning machine to examine and digitize tens of thousands of images from a photographic plate taken by the U.
Contract award: acquiring a submicron scanning machine photographic plates and a telecentric optical system for mounting camera.
It would have sold Kodak box cameras, such as the famed Brownie, and photographic plates before film was introduced only a few years later.
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