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The object of the order includes the supply of information and multimedia equipment, Accessories for photographic equipment and software for the center for computer games and war games (csikgw) in the academy of war arts, Divided into 5 parts as described in the technical specifications of the equipment offered.
Product coverage: Optical Telescopes, Photographic Cameras, Projectors and Other Photographic Equipment, Spectacles and Goggles.
The winner will also receive a Barclays Award together with pounds 5,000 of photographic equipment.
6 software, for optical design, analysis, illumination calculations and fabrication support, is used to design a wide range of optical systems for a variety of products, including aerospace systems, photographic equipment, medical instruments and video cameras.
The first part comprises listings and illustrations of old photographic equipment, which include stereoscopes and viewers, magic lanterns and optical toys, as well as cameras.
PHOTOGRAPHIC equipment manufacturer Kodak is to cut 600 jobs in the UK and close a factory in Nottingham.
IP has spent nearly a decade developing Hammermill Color Copy Gloss technology, creating a gloss-coated paper that performs like a premium uncoated paper in electro photographic equipment.
a wholesale distributor of electronic goods and photographic equipment, would like to acquire and renovate a 33,000 s/f facility adjacent to the building it owns in Southwest Brooklyn.
com has supplied its online mapping technology to UK-based photographic equipment and accessories provider Jessops for use on its web site.
The company has forged a tight relationship with Wisk-Air Helicopters of Thunder Bay, which provides the photographic equipment to about a half a dozen major forest industry clients in Northern Ontario and Northern Michigan.
Anyone who has lost photographic equipment is urged to contact the lost and found property office on 01642 303112.
Today, the speed of film (how sensitive it is to light) has improved along with photographic equipment.
From 1914 to 1930, Nikodem tested photographic equipment for a dealer friend, producing only two-and-a-half-inch square or rectangular contact prints and never showing them as art, though some of the hundreds of images he made during this time surely functioned as studies for paintings.
com, a photographic industry business-to-business website for the sale and purchase of consumables, photographic equipment and hardware, is now accessible online.
Within the occupation of precision instrument and equipment repairer, there are five groups of workers: camera and photographic equipment repairers, medical equipment repairers.
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