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Synonyms for photographic

Synonyms for photographic

of or relating to representation by drawings or pictures

described verbally in sharp and accurate detail

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representing people or nature with the exactness and fidelity of a photograph

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Its flagship event in the form of the week-long Annual Photographic Exhibition will again be held at the Sileby Community Centre during half-term week in October commencing on Monday, October 14.
On the invitation of Photographic Society of Japan, the selective photographs of sixteen Pakistani professional photographers associated with the Photographic Society of Pakistan will be showcased in four galleries at the photo festival 2019 in Tokyo.
He also thanked the photographic society of Japan for providing them an opportunity to hold this pictorial exhibition in Japan.
Eulogizing the photographic skills of these photographers, Ambassador Matsuda said that Pakistan was a beautiful country bestowed with eye-catching landscapes, diverse cultural heritages, beautiful mountains and above all very hospitable people.
It was founded in London, England in 1853 as The Photographic Society of London with the objective of promoting the art and science of photography.
You can find out more by visiting the website at Colourful David's shot is typical of the standard at Paisley Photographic Society
This study concluded that since a strong correlation exists between the clinical and photographic assessment of soft tissue variables, it can be considered to finalize the treatment plan of a patient on the basis of photographs and the presence of the patient during case discussion can be omitted.
This volume explores the complex theoretical and practical issues involved in the study of African photographic archives, based on case studies drawn from across the continent dating from the 19th century to the present day.
Klingensmith examines many of the classics of the photographic essay genre including the best known and most influential texts, and looks at how the relationship between photographer, writer, subject, and reader communicate explicitly and implicitly in both content and form.
The Photographic Society participated with ten images in this Biennale.
A self-reflexive photographic image asks where Carla can be, the person the photograph represents and, as it says, without which it would not exist (61).
Learning to photograph; v.1: Camera, equipment, and basic photographic techniques.
For instance, Igor' Narskii, on the basis of a broad theoretical background of photographic research, thoroughly examined the possibilities of photographic interpretation and produced a text of the mass Soviet culture of the 1960s diversely investigating one photograph (Narskii 2008).
The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Optical Instruments and Photographic Equipment market at a national level.
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