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Synonyms for photograph

take a picture of


Synonyms for photograph

References in classic literature ?
The photograph is in a recess behind a sliding panel just above the right bell-pull.
We will be shown into the sitting-room to wait for the lady, but it is probable that when she comes she may find neither us nor the photograph. It might be a satisfaction to his Majesty to regain it with his own hands."
If I were you and had wife, or daughter, or sweetheart like this " - he touched the photograph almost reverently - "why, I'd go through fire and water but I'd keep myself decent; ain't you a silly old fool, now?
"But what?" said Trefusis, deftly opening one of the albums at a photograph of a loathsome room.
"By-the-bye, we are to call on him to-morrow, to go through his house, and his collection of photographs. Photographs!
With a quick movement, she jerked the photograph from its niche and threw it face down upon the chest of drawers.
I think those are friends of the Inspector's, come to see the Chalk Farm photographs, that helped to hang his man.
Hide your face in the photographs, and leave everything to me.
Vronsky was looking through the photographs of her son, which she had forgotten on the table, and he made no haste to look round at her.
Give them to me," she said, with a rapid movement snatching from Vronsky the photographs of her son, and glancing significantly at him with flashing eyes.
When the parson opened it he found a dozen photographs of Mrs.
"You'd better take one of the photographs and keep it in your room," said Mr.
You better go in and show her the photographs in the album.
Cecily, determined to do her duty even in the face of such fearful odds as Great-aunt Eliza's deafness, dragged a ponderous, plush- covered album from its corner and proceeded to display and explain the family photographs. She did her brave best but she could not shout like Felicity, and half the time, as she confided to me later on, she felt that Great-aunt Eliza did not hear one word she said, because she didn't seem to take in who the people were, though, just like all deaf folks, she wouldn't let on.
As for his photographs, they were sold of all size, and his portrait taken in every imaginable posture.