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looking attractive in photographs

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They may be single or married with modelling experience, and should also be photogenic, have a good physique (not bodybuilder's), good personality, strong, enthusiastic and have an attractive character.
Photogenic is a leading provider of souvenir photography to premier tourist attractions across the US.
CEO, Steve Craig, began operating at Photogenic's flagship location, Chicago's Navy Pier Centennial Wheel in 2002, and has since expanded the company's presence to tourist attractions and boat tour operations across the United States, including Willis Tower, Entertainment Cruises, The Gateway Arch, The Alamo, Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, Museum of Science and Industry, Phoenix Zoo, and Shedd Aquarium.
While Exodus might have dispensed with its hangings (strong stuff for a 12A) and Ramses' provocative lines like 'Let's see who is more effective at killing, you or me', the photogenic landscapes inspired by Lawrence of Arabia (1962) are worth the price of admission for all ages.
The action children series began in 1993 and featured photogenic pan-ethnic teenage warriors who donned colored suits to battle intergalactic antagonists.
A photogenic TV family will instead be put at the forefront of efforts to appeal to the digital generation.
Previously, Dhulipala was announced as winner of the Miss Photogenic competition and ( bagged a gold medal with 8,465 votes.
Nomination Miss Beautiful Body was awarded to the participant from the United States, Miss Elegance - Belgium, Miss Charm - Germany, Miss Photogenic - South Africa, Miss Friendship - India, Miss Talent - Tatarstan, Miss Beautiful Skin - Portugal.
Just an hour-and-a- half drive from Muscat, Sur is a charming, peaceful and photogenic corner of Oman.
As soulful as it is action-packed, it traces Dave Rastovich's evolution from a pro-surfing competitor and photogenic product endorser to an environmental crusader for dolphins and whales.
A POWYS company specialising in photographic filters is under new ownership Llanidloes-based Photogenic has been acquired by an angel investor in the xnos network, Aubrey Greene.
PHOTOGENIC ROBIN A little bird in the hedgerow looking rather stressed As I approached I espied a familiar Redbreast.
PHOTOGENIC: Woods in autumn As well as winning a school trip to local woodlands, the best entries will receive high street gift vouchers up to pounds 100.
Aside from winning the title of Ginoong Pilipinas-KSA, Rivera was chosen as the Most Photogenic Ginoo.
<![CDATA[ Pictures by IDF Spokesman's Unit photographers show that while chemical war is ugly and awful, drills for it can be photogenic.]]>