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a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations

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Supply systems of photoelectric cells. Bid bond is two per cent of tender price.
Thus, the aim of the present research was to determine the reliability and accuracy of GPS devices operating at a sampling frequency of 10 Hz, in relation here to sprints of 15 m and 30 m and using both video and photoelectric cells.
During President al-Assad's last visit, the two countries signed six agreements and memos of understanding in the fields of investments, seaports, agriculture and mineral resources after the opening of Syrian-Ukrainian Company for Producing Photoelectric Cells and Photovoltaic Energy in Damascus.
"I agree with him, because we have some of the greatest minds in science and engineering in the country, and in fact we have some companies doing great work right now with photoelectric cells and renewable energy."
There are also units available with photoelectric cells.
"Complex photoelectric cells take advantage of the fact that the electrons released by the light will themselves release electrons when they strike another suitable metallic surface....
One of the many salacious historical kernels Clausen has unearthed concerns a never-built sound installation that would have paired a work by John Cage with the Lippold sculpture on the building's west entrance: "Cage devised a system whereby the movement of people going in and out of the lobby would activate photoelectric cells; these in turn would release Muzak ...
There were photos and items from beaded Indian moccasins to photoelectric cells to locomotive parts.
Photoelectric cells provide product recognition, reject confirmation and bin full signals.
The converters will regulate the electricity generated by its photoelectric cells to a steady 125 volts for use by the station.
Photoelectric cells scan the material edges and give setting pulses to the guide rolls.