photoelectric cell

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a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations

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There are also units available with photoelectric cells.
The bomb was detonated when Herrhausen's car broke a light beam generated by a photoelectric cell. Interruption of the beam caused a flow of electricity that detonated the bomb.
The machine must have a photoelectric cell detector.
These extremely short flashes of light were measured by a very delicate photoelectric cell, which gives off an electric current when illuminated, and they found that so long as the total amount of light reaching the cell was the same, the resulting current was not affected by the length of the individual flashes.
The photoelectric cell used in the lights was no longer available, so all five were replaced with new lanterns."
9 ea breakaway base luminaire pole with arm, 50 ft mounting height; 9 ea roadway luminaire, led with photoelectric cell; 1 ea electrical service cabinet; 7,000 ft 1/c #6 awg copper wire.
This is the way the Bucky-Einstein cameraworks: Light from the scene or object being photographed comes into an auxiliary lens and falls on the photoelectric cell. There is a screen of varying transparency mounted in the main camera lens system that is moved in accord with the amount of light that the electric eye sees, letting more light fail on the photographic plate when necessary.
Additional work includes: repair of concrete and grout; relocate photoelectric cell for obstruction light; furnishing and installation of new base cone ladder, ladder safe-climbing devices, top platform railing, top platform manhole deflector plate, overflow pipe elastomeric check valve, splash pad, logresistant roof vent, roof railing, and brackets and fittings for future cathodic protection system; modification of access tube-to-roof interface, access tube ladder, and interior container ladder; removal of existing cathodic protection system; including other miscellaneous repairs and incidental items such as coordination with the owner, first anniversary evaluation, disposal of debris, site restoration, etc.
Electronic Photoelectric Cell; 120 Volts; Silicon Sensor; Designed For
Solar Cell and Characteristics of Photoelectric cell