actinic dermatitis

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dermatitis caused exposure to sunlight

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19) Photokeratitis and photodermatitis have been reported in an African grey parrot and a Meyer's parrot (Poicephalus meyeri) exposed to high levels of short wavelength UVB.
Many dermatologists consider this condition to be a form of photodermatitis with marked post inflammatory pigmentation, while exposure to cutting oils has also been incriminated.
Rosacea can be confused with other conditions like Seborrheic dermatitis, Photodermatitis or SLE.
In general, fewer adverse effects are seen with hypericum than with conventional antidepressants but they may include photodermatitis, delayed hypersensitivity, gastrointestinal tract upset, dizziness, dry mouth, sedation, restlessness, and constipation.
This reaction occurs up to 48 hours after contact and may persist as recurrent photodermatitis.
Clinically, patients with VP may manifest a photodermatitis characterized by skin fragility, erosions, blisters, milia, and chronic pigmentary changes in sun-exposed areas, particularly the backs of the hands (3).
The youngsters all suffered from a skin complaint known as phyto photodermatitis after working in fields near Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Other reactions reported rarely are serum sickness, periarteritic vasculitis, polymyositis, pericarditis, photodermatitis, exfoliative dermatitis, peripheral neuritis, and nephrosis.
Eczematous diseases formed the second major group with airborne contact dermatitis and photodermatitis being the most common conditions.
The types of adverse reaction diagnosed were: 35 patients with dermatitis, 21 with DHS, two cases of photodermatitis, one case each of hepatitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome and one of an enanthem.