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Synonyms for photocopy



Synonyms for photocopy

a photographic copy of written or printed or graphic work

reproduce by xerography

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She said one accused had forged signatures of a number of family members and friends and obtained cheque books and bank loans in their name after she misused photocopies of their passports or ID cards.
Photocopies of correspondence from the American Red Cross relating to Ernest Hemingway's plans to drive ambulances in WWI.
Disabled and elderly people unable to travel to council offices relied on photocopies if they wanted to view planning documents.
The company makes each page it prints a digital original from a digital press; there are no photocopies.
Polk County, Iowa, settled with The Des Moines Register in August in a lawsuit the Register had filed to fight the fee the county recorder was charging for photocopies.
If you are working on a series, colour more of the photocopies in different colours.
Each student enhanced the photocopies in some way while making sure that all of the pieces looked good together.
Paint the door or drawer surfaces with emulsion, then stick the labels or photocopies on with wallpaper adhesive, and coat with matt acrylic varnish to seal the surface.
In fact, anyone who photocopies extensively from a journal "may be in hot water" and open to costly litigation, argues Barbara Miskin, an attorney with Hogan and Hartson in Washington, D.
25 per page for photocopies, the CPA's examination may question the reasonableness of that charge.
We are now so reliant on photocopiers that we make 958,904,110 photocopies on an average day (according to Accountemps), of which only one-third are necessary.
Photocopies of the early diaries (covering the period 1917 to 1931) of Chiang Kai-shek, the Republic of China's first constitutional president, will be made available to researchers beginning March 31.
It said the supporting documents attached to the tax credit applications were mere photocopies, and the bank credit memos (stating the export sales) were spurious.
NA Standing Committee said that its worrisome that in our public and private institutions people use NIC photocopies of others without prior verification.