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Synonyms for photocopy



Synonyms for photocopy

a photographic copy of written or printed or graphic work

reproduce by xerography

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"But he photocopied it and threwthe licence back atme and asked if it was a joke."
Mr Harris, who knew his licencewas genuine,went to his local police station in Derby in an attempt to get it ratified but officers there also photocopied the document.
Position the photocopied picture on the board, then trace around it.
Since then, he had photocopied the materials I required in my classes.
The 25-year-old admitted displaying a photocopied disabled badge.
Some are that and no more: The bands' names, the club, the cover charge, written or typed onto a piece of paper, photocopied, passed out or stapled to telephone poles.
Photocopied in editions of twenty, they may assemble as many as a hundred drawings or more.
Party political literature can be photocopied but will be charged to the party concerned.''
I photocopied their contour line drawings and gave each student 12 copies.
The same kind of paper should be used when deteriorating paper records are photocopied, the panel suggests.
The NBI seized illegally reproduced books, photocopied materials as well as photocopying and bookbinding equipment from Johnel's Photocopy and Bookbinding at the UP Shopping Center in Quezon City; Nayumi Copy Center in Manila; and Express Copy Shop and General Merchandise on Taft Avenue, Pasay City.
There, rather than having the drawings photographed for reproduction, Crumb photocopied them, reworked the photocopy a little (using correction fluid to make "improvements").