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branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical action of light

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Previous in vitro studies have utilized these chambers to expose individual cell cultures to examine the toxicity of air pollution mixtures and have shown that exposure to photochemically altered particle-free urban mixtures causes significant inflammatory responses (Sexton et al.
Photochemically, PAHs can produce reactive species which induce damages to the cellular proteins, DNA, and lipids.
Table 2: XPS data for chemically and photochemically prepared poly(pyrrole) samples Part 1: Chemically synthesized poly(pyrrole) samples Label C (%) N (%) CI (%) S (%) CI/N S/N PPY-1 62.
The LOV domains also contain the conserved flavin-binding residues including the photochemically active cysteine residues (Cys712, 982 for CiNEO; Cys702, 973 for PdNEO; and Cys707, 977 for PlNEO).
Patent 7,566,745 (July 28, 2009), "Photochemically Refractive-Index-Changing Polymer, Photochemically Refractive-Index-Changing Polymer Composition, and Method of Refractive Index Regulation," Yoshihide Kawaguchi, Yutaka Moroishi, Tetsuo Inoue, and Kazunori Mune (Nitto Denko Corp.
Induction of reproducible brain infarction by photochemically initiated thrombosis.
Optimal experimental design and artificial neural networks applied to the photochemically enhanced Fentom reaction.
680], photochemically active Chl of PSII; PFD, photon flux density; Pheo, pheophytin a; PQ, plastoquinone; PSI, PSII, photosystems I and II, respectively; [Q.
Carbonyl compounds in their protected forms have excellent dark stability and can be photochemically released in high efficiency.
We feel that this composite print is good enough to show to potential distributors and buyers, and it has been and will continue to be exhibited at film markets, but it is not the quality color that we know it should be, so we are re-cutting our negative and printing it photochemically, and redoing our special effects in certain areas to make the movie look the best it can be, so that it can fetch the best price that it can.
Zhao and Jin (2004) summarized several potential sources of indoor VOCs and their impact on human health, and Nazaroff and Cass (1986) suggested that indoor chemical reactions due to photochemically reactive pollutants may be an important source of indoor VOCs in museums.
Lu, Wang SS, Lin YS, Chu SH Growth of human endothelial cells on photochemically grafted Gly-Arg-Gly-Asp (GRGD) chitosans.
Conducted thermally in the presence of friedel-crafts catalysts or photochemically by irradiation with UV such reactions typically give rise to mixtures of ortho- and para- substituted products, the proportion of each is strongly influenced by the reaction media [6].