photochemical reaction

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a chemical reaction produced by the action of light

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Thus, the rate of O2 evolution can indicate the activity of photochemical reactions and electron transport in PSII.
Because the photochemical reaction depends on the weather condition and because the multipollutant mixtures generated are not reproducible, mice were exposed in groups to photochemically aged particle-free multipollutant mixtures (n = 15), 0.
In original photochemical reactions, as the electron donor, the excited RC pigments transfer the electrons to electron acceptor to realize the charge separation and then leave behind "holes".
3][BROM-o-VANI]}(M = Cr, Mo and W), (5a)-(5c), [(5a), M = Cr; (5b), M = Mo; (5c), M = W] were prepared by photochemical reactions of M[(CO).
In the play, Dick Ecklund explained and walked the several hundred introductory students in the class through the steps of the photochemical reactions.
It has been proposed that the photochemical reaction mechanism of nPAHs depends heavily on the position of the nitro group, whether it is co-planar or perpendicular to the aromatic rings.
As the surface erodes very slowly over time, the next few microns will then go through the same photochemical reaction.
1 : a triatomic, very reactive form of oxygen that is a bluish irritating gas of pungent Odor, that is formed naturally in the atmosphere by a photochemical reaction and is a major air pollutant in the lower atmosphere, but a beneficial component of the upper atmosphere, and that is used for oxidizing, bleaching, disinfecting and deodorizing 2 : pure and refreshing air <relished the ozone of morning>
The photochemical reaction that produces pollutants, such as ozone, is enhanced as temperatures and ultraviolet radiation (sunlight) increase (8).
60]-PMMA adducts by photochemical reaction during laser irradiation in nitrogen.
The ensuing photochemical reaction forms hydroxyl radicals, highly reactive molecules that break the chemical bonds of the pollutants.
2 equivalents of bromine in photochemical reaction apparatus in non-polar solvent irradiating 50 watt projection lamp at rt for 12 h afforded the tribromobenz[f]indane 4 in quantitative yield.
Effect of ammonium sulfate aerosol on the photochemical reaction of toluene/NO(x)/air mixture [in Chinese].
Since these waves cannot provide the adequate energy amount to initiate the photochemical reaction, we have employed special nanoparticles to convert them into high-energy ultraviolet waves at molecular surfaces.
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