photoelectric cell

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a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations

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A wide range of available sensors accommodate diverse use cases and applications, such as thermal sensors, photo sensors, and pressure sensors just to name a few.
In most cases the function of radiation transformation into the electric signal of the photo sensor can be described by the following linear model (Boltar et al.
2]C interface, the driver can operate with any type of photo sensor.
A specially designed photo sensor assembly protects the photo sensor from the high temperatures Sometimes associated with today's high-intensity spot lamps.
exterior lights are on a photo sensor so they won't be left on during the day
Achieving high-speed switching, greater photo sensor sensitivity, and precise signal processing, the LCD incorporates advanced finger shadow sensing capability.
When he was in high school, Brachman and his father, an electrical engineer, built a robot equipped with a light and photo sensor that allowed it to follow a taped line on the floor of his basement, even in darkness.
The SALD-7001 features a violet semiconductor laser (405 mm wavelength) and a high sensitivity strategically placed photo sensor which can detect wide-angle scattered light signals up to 60[degrees].
The Microsemi photo sensor is a PIN diode array that provides an accurate, linear and repeatable current transfer function that is multiplied by integrated high gain amplifiers.
The tachometer will also measure rotational speeds on a non-contact basis up to 99,999 RPM by attaching a strip of tape to the shaft to he measured and the photo sensor will be triggered by the rotating shaft, thus giving RPM readings directly without any contact.
The average diameter is detected "in flight" when covering the Horizontal Gap Photo Sensor.
Standard accessories include chuck head, pneumatic nipper unit with one standard blade, runner-position fixing jig, chute, photo sensor, air regulator, stand with casters and stabilizers, emergency stop, and acrylic safety guards.
Then the part triggers a fiber optic photo sensor initiating the automatic gaging cycle.
Tenders are invited for Fibre optic photo sensor amplifier as per tender documents